a place to read

a place to read

i mentioned recently that i’ve been trying to incorporate an hour or so of reading into my daily routine; slowing down, settling in on the sofa and unwinding with a good literary novel. it’s becoming an essential component of my evening downtime as i get myself ready for bed, and as a result am already finding myself sleeping far more restfully than i had before.

currently i’m reading on my comfy sofa in the living room, but since i generally finding myself reading right up until i go to bed, i’ve been thinking lately how nice it would be to relocate this nighttime ritual into my bedroom and create a far cosier, even more restful environment. i know many people chose to sit up in bed reading before lights out, but i find that while my memory foam mattress is a wonder to sleep on, it’s not quite so comfortable for sitting up on for long periods of time (especially as i don’t have a headboard to rest against), and have instead started daydreaming about a reading chair for the corner of the room…

one: moodie // two: flora // three: balance // four: avalon // five: noble // six: talk // seven: arc

all of these beautiful lounge chairs are from luxury high street retailer camerich, whose designer furniture collection offers an array of quality pieces for modern lifestyles, with contemporary shapes and sleek, minimal aesthetic perfect for my new abode. while i’m naturally drawn to the delicate proportions and slim-line silhouettes of the flora and noble designs, it is the wide-set armrests of the quirkily named moodie – perfect for resting a cup of peppermint tea down whilst turning the pages of your novel – that makes this armchair the current front-runner in my hunt for the perfect reading chair for my bedroom. that said, if i had the space i’m sure i’d opt for the fabulous reclining design of the arc low-backed lounge chair, with its sleek geometrics and delicate piping offering a modern take on a classic daybed.

i feel the low boxy design of the moodie armchair, reminiscent of contemporary asian design, would be a natural fit alongside my low-level platform bed and japanese zen inspired bedroom décor. since my bedroom has a casual lived-in feel to its styling i’ve been thinking how i might style the moodie lounge chair so it best suits the space. i think i’d likely opt for upholstery in a tactile almond hue paired with a light oak base, and accessorise with a boho mudcloth cushion, soft moss green throw and a chunky terracotta mug for my bedtime brew..

one: yonder living // two: the future kept // three: h&m // four:

do you have a reading corner in your bedroom, or elsewhere in your home? if so, what type of armchair have you opted for and how have you styled things up?

this post has been written in collaboration with camerich, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. Candy Pop

    1 August

    I love reading before bed, it’s such a great way to unwind. I think my favourite chair is the Flora. x

  2. cate

    1 August

    I love number 3, that green is gorgeous! I’d quite like a chair in the bedroom although it would invariably just become a clothes pile! X

  3. Nanni

    2 August

    I always had a place to read. Learned this from my mother who was reading before bed! And I had a favorite chair for almost 20 years. Love your selection here. Inspired!

  4. What fantastic options. I really like number 4, it looks so cosy. I don’t have a reading corner at the moment, but as soon as my youngest goes into her own room I will have. I can’t wait. I got my mum to reupholster my nursing chair in a designer fabric to match the colour pallet of my bedroom. It’s such a cosy chair I just couldn’t part with it.

  5. I also love Nr 3, really charming. Wonderful, inspiring report with fine fotos.

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