rhythm of life

rhythm of life

the eagerly anticipated new season colour card from norwegian paint manufacturer jotun landed in my inbox earlier this week, and i could barely contain my delight as i scrolled through the (seemingly) never-ending carousel of beautifully curated imagery!

if you’ve been following me over on instagram you’ll have seen that i’m currently crushing on the southern mallorcan colour palette, and the new rhythm of life colour card hits those tones right on the head, with a glorious range of 32 new paints that perfectly capture the peachy coral, sun-bleached greens and various shades of balearic blue i’ve been lusting after lately.

it may seem serendipitous but jotun are one of the world leaders in colour trends, with their colour specialists paying forensic attention to the ever-evolving tastes and trends that shape modern life and style, and the truth is the balearics have been a ‘hot’ destination this summer. a year in the making, and incorporating research from a global network of colour consultants, the 32 newly created colours are grouped into three themes that jotun have identified from their exhaustive lifestyle-trend research, creating a paint collection that offers a snapshot of the ideas, realities, values and aspirations shared by people around the world.

our research identified three trends that are common to inhabitants of every global city: our longing for the restorative power of nature; our dream of a calmer, slower-paced way of life in the sun; and our desire to make the most of our increasingly compact urban living spaces in minimalist but creative ways. ~ lisbeth larsen, global colour manager, jotun

to illustrate these themes and their associated palettes, jotun collaborated with oslo creative studio kråkvik & d’orazio, who have worked with the paint company for the last 10 years, shooting in private homes in sweden and denmark with renowned photographer line thit klein. the sets they created translate each of the three palettes into real-life interior spaces, using materials and domestic objects to explore the themes in three-dimensional detail.

let’s take a look around, shall we..?

norwegian wood 

soft skin 

silent serenity and its beautiful peachy pinks and earthy browns creates a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere – think organic vegetables and slow living. we have mixed different cultural pieces including old pots, iron, baskets and ceramics. all are handcrafted in different natural materials: linen, wool, stone, natural leather and terracotta. ~ kråkvik & d’orazio

blushing peach



hipster brown

 pale linden

silky pink / artist clay 

lush garden is all about the desire to surround ourselves with nature. it allows you to play with colours and botanics and is playful in its style. we chose to focus on the natural habitats from the sunnier parts of the world, for example vietnam and malaysia, always balancing it with the more modern interior. the theme has a fun mix of colours, huge plants, fun flowers, ethnic and vintage objects, and natural materials including linen, silks, basket and ceramics. ~ kråkvik & d’orazio

evening green 

soft teal

golden bronze

dark teal


city motions is all about how to survive in our busy city lives. it’s architectural and minimalist, but still down-to-earth –  a relaxed and urban style with handcrafted details and an environmentally friendly focus. the blues create a calmness, complemented with materials such as wool, linen, leather, velvet, stone and ceramics. ~ kråkvik & d’orazio

dusky blue


icy blue

seriously, aren’t these all just totally swoonworthy? i’ve mentioned before how much i’m itching to paint over the white walls of my rental, and these gorgeous images are almost sending me over the edge! that said, i wouldn’t know which colour to opt for since they’re all so delicious, so perhaps its a good thing i’m not able to actually see this desire through without risking the ire of my landlord..!

have any of these new shades caught your eye? which would you use, and where?

photography by line thit klein, styling by kråkvik & d´orazio. all imagery, © jotun


  1. This collection has me swooning like crazy . The silky pink / artist clay combination has to be my favourite – dying to paint something a nude pink!

  2. Adam Egarr

    30 August

    Loving that dark teal colour, just not sure it would work in our room at home as there’s not a lot of natural light…

    Great article, however :)

  3. Charlotte

    14 September

    Ooooh, so much loveliness. Lush garden is my favourite, especially soft teal and golden bronze. I think golden bronze would look amazing in a moodily styled bathroom, and soft teal would make a great living room colour.

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