the thrill of the find

the thrill of the find

have you guys visited a homesense store before? since moving up to manchester i’ve become a little bit addicted to hunting down fabulous big brand homeware bargains to kit my new flat out with absolutely everything it could need, all at up to 60% off recommended retail prices!

if you’re not familiar with the store you’ll probably understand the concept when you learn that homesense is part of the tk maxx family – so just imagine the small homeware section you’ll often find in tk maxx and amplify that ten-fold.  it’s the type of store that every interior stylist keeps in their back pocket, not wanting to share the secret of where they find such stylish and unique pieces for their home, since most are one-off, blink-and-you’ll-miss-them bargains. you wouldn’t want someone else to get there first..

unlike other retailers that buy seasonally, homesense buyers buy throughout the year, travelling the world to source eclectic homeware, unique finds and everyday home essentials and offer an ever-changing range of branded and quality homeware and gifts to customers in-store, at significantly lower prices than the high street. (side note: this might actually be my dream job..!). the continual rotation of product offering is what makes homesense truly unique on the high street, and gives the store a feeling of an upmarket bazaar – you never know what you will find when you visit, and chances are you’ll leave with something totally unexpected that you a) absolutely love or b) absolutely need (or most likely, both!). it’s definitely not a store you can just ‘pop in to’ and its easy to lose a good hour or two wandering the aisles, rummaging the shelves and discovering some truly wonderful bargains and unique pieces you might have never considered before. you can find everything in store from kitchen and dining essentials to designer bedding, high-quality towels and bathroom accessories, alongside a vast array of unique gifts, pet accessories and gourmet food – my local store even has shelves stacked with fantastic cookbooks and coffee table reads. as i say though, stock is continually changing and no two stores will have the same product offering, which means if you spot something on your visit you have to snap it up there and then, or it’ll probably be lost to you forever!

we’re lucky to have two stellar stores in manchester; one in the city centre within the arndale and another two-storey (yep, you read that right!) outpost at barton square, across the road from the trafford centre. as part of homesense’s current campaign, #homesensefinds, i made a special trip out to trafford earlier this week to see what new season offerings would tempt me..

going in, my half-hatched plan was to source some lovely new items for my kitchen, and i’m happy to report that i picked a great day to visit! wandering the aisles i quickly found myself adding a number of fabulous kitchen staples to my basket: a deep italian frying pan with wooden handle at £12.99 (rrp £22), danish-designed cheese grater at £3.99 (rrp £14) and peeler, also £3.99 (rrp £14) and a granite look chopping board set for £6.99.

to that little haul i then added a set of tassel-edged turkish cotton tea towels for £4.99, which play to the scandi-boho aesthetic i’ve been building in my home, and two cute bamboo dish scrubbing brushes, each at £2.99 (rrp £4.99), which although super practical, are also beautifully crafted pieces that will enhance my enjoyment when it comes to the nightly round of washing-up!

my last additions to my basket in the kitchen/dining section were a couple of small white bowls for just £2.49 each, which serve as the perfect vessels for my artisan pantry purchases;  these cute little herb pots of thyme, oregano and rosemary totally jumped off the shelf into my basket, along with a sleek tin of creatan premium olive oil, and all at prices far cheaper than the artisanal delis you’d be more accustomed to finding such quality ingredients.

i’ve already alluded to the fact that no matter what you had in mind when you step into store, chances are you’ll discover many other lustworthy gems along the way too.. of course, i came away from barton square with a whole lot more than this, but i’ll save those exciting finds for another post.. stay tuned! 

keen to discover your own hidden gems at homesense? you can find your nearest store homesense.

this post is in collaboration with homesense, as part of the #homesensefinds campaign. all thoughts and photography, my own. 


  1. Jessica

    11 September

    I always buy kitchen bits and towels when I visit Homesense. Also love poking around the candle section x

  2. Carole

    12 September

    Great finds hun. I absolutely adore Homesense! I thought it was my secret but the cat is out the bag :-)

  3. karen

    12 September

    Nope, no homesense in the west country ! Only just getting an IKEA built ! Love your finds.

  4. Sherry Mehem

    13 September

    Fabulous suggestion about visiting a homesense store. You really come up with so many impressive suggestions, I appreciate for that and keep posting. Soon will grab few items for my house from a homesense store.

  5. Jenny Dominic

    13 September

    I was unaware about the concept of home sense. It’s amazing can get so many brand things that to even at less prices then the high streets. I really acknowledge your post and suggestions you give to us. Looking forward for more from you, keep going.

  6. cate

    13 September

    What lovely finds! Love that you can get the designer look at a fraction of the price. xx

  7. Steve

    13 September

    I am going to go, we are based in the Chester area so should only be a half an hour drive to Barton Square

  8. Juan Sandiego

    18 September

    Homesense is addictive. I pop in now and again “just in case” and never leave empty handed

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