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Do you have a weekly —or indeed, more frequent— cleaning regime in your home? 

I don’t know about you, but I often find cleaning the house thoroughly gives me a great sense of accomplishment, and provides a wonderful boost to my sense of wellbeing when I step back to see the ‘chaos’ gone and calm order restored to my living quarters.


Since moving into my new flat, which has wooden laminate flooring in the open-plan living area (and which I should really stop calling ‘new’ since I’ve been here six months now!), I’ve found myself getting up off the sofa to vacuum almost daily, the moment the sun begins to stream through my West-facing window in the late afternoon and illuminates the dust that has settled and, more often than not, all my long blonde hairs shed all over the place (did you know the average person loses between 50-100 strands per day?!)


So, when Shark got in touch asking if I’d like to test out their new DuoClean Cordless Vacuum**, which promises to make everyday cleaning easier, faster and more convenient than ever before, I jumped at the chance.

You may remember my recent post looking at indoor air quality and the best ways to improve the atmosphere in your home, and vacuuming frequently can play a huge role in safeguarding yourself against those tiny dust microbes that are constantly floating in the air, which are known triggers for asthma and inhalant-related allergies such as hay fever.


The new Shark DuoClean technology offers a very attractive upgrade on the single brush roll vacuums I’ve had in the past, and also come with an array of add-on accessories so you can easily clean anywhere in your home, even those fiddly, hard-to-reach places, where dust microbes like to accumulate.

Shark DuoClean technology refers to the vacuum’s two unique rolls, which work together to effortlessly remove common household debris from carpets and hard floors in a single pass, and move seamlessly between carpets and hard floors at the touch of a button without the need to stop and switch heads – music to my ears!


Shark’s cyclonic technology results in a vacuuming experience that never suffers with a loss of suction, and at full charge the vacuum springs into action the moment it is turned on and almost races aways from you, eager to get moving along to the task at hand. This almost ‘tug-like’ motion is most pronounced when in deep-pile carpet mode, but the hardwood floor mode has a gentle glide to it as well, and certainly feels less like the ‘drag-to-and-fro’ action that I’ve been used to when using standard vacuum cleaner models.


The enhanced swivel steering makes tight turns around awkward pieces of furniture possible with a simple flick of the wrist, and with one click you can also activate the flexi-wand so that it bends to a 90° angle, allowing you to reach areas of your home that traditional uprights wouldn’t get near; be it under the bed, sofa or freestanding cabinets, this cordless vacuum allows you to lean underneath without changing the set-up or adding on accessories – amazing!

I’m a huge fan of the illuminating light on the front of the vacuum head, which brightens up dark corners for easy visibility of any missed debris and thus ensure a more complete clean all round. I’m also impressed by the fact you can charge the vacuum anywhere in your home, as the unit is powered by removable, rechargeable lithium ion batteries, meaning that unlike other cordless vacuums which are fixed to one charging station, the Shark DuoClean model can be charged in situ, or in the charging cradle, using any power outlet in your home. Handily, the unit comes with two batteries in the box, essentially doubling the run time of the machine, to 44 minutes from a single charge (since both batteries charge simultaneously in the dual charging cradle).

I’ve mentioned the accessory add-ons already, and in the box you will find a 30cm crevice tool, upholstery tool and anti-allergen dusting brush, alongside the main unit and double charging dock. Its a really easy unit to set-up and everything is fairly intuitive and self-explanatory; I had mine out of the box and whipped around the room less than ten minutes after it arrived, it was that simple.

If, like me, you have long shaggy sheepskins and Berber rugs in your home then you will be keen to ensure these do not become laden with dirt or worse still, overrun with house dust mites (eek!). Vacuuming your Berber rug frequently is essential, but it’s important not to use a vacuum cleaner that has a beater bar or rotating brush on it, as this will cause fuzzing, fraying, tearing and shredding.


Handmade rug specialists Sukhi recommend that your Berber carpet should be cleaned with vacuum that uses suction only – indeed the more suction the better – but ensure that you are gentle with your actions or you could damage the fibres. “Slow, steady and thorough” is the mantra they prescribe in order to remove as much deep down dirt as possible. For me, the Shark DuoClean has proved a lifesaver in ensuring my Beni Ourain from Sukhi** retains its soft woollen texture and exotic bohemian allure, whilst remaining free from any unwanted bedroom-fellows!


Tips for effective vacuuming

  • Home experts recommend that carpets and rugs be vacuumed at least two times a week, and more often in high-traffic areas.
  • Don’t rush! 80% of vacuuming’s effectiveness comes as the cleaner is pulled back, as opposed to pushed forward.
  • Be sure to vacuum in multiple directions, to both loosen dirt and prevent carpets and rugs from looking worn.
  • Regularly check the underside of your vacuum for trapped hairs, and clean accordingly.
  • Look for a vacuum with Hepa-type bag or filter to ensure fine particles of dirt are contained. Shark’s anti-allergen complete seal technology captures and holds up to 99.5% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum.

This post is in collaboration with Shark who gifted me the DuoClean Cordless Vacuum for this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. All photography © Kate Baxter. 

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14 Responses

  1. What a great bit of kit! I know what you mean about cleaning, I do mine every Friday and it feels great when it’s done! And don’t get me started on those long blonde hairs – haha! I hope you have a great weekend. x

    1. Ah so happy to hear you have a Shark and love it too! This is my first and I must confess I’d not heard of the brand before – now I’m a total convert! x

  2. Ahh with 3 pets, the hair is insane and then add my own to the mix… yep, I’m hoovering at least every other day to keep it all at bay. This is an impressive little piece of kit and love how portable it is xx

  3. I saw this somewhere the other day and thought it looked impressive. But it’s actually better than I realised. It’s got a lot of the features of my current vacuum but with the added benefit of being cordless. Plus it’s pretty small. I’m sure I’d Hoover more often if I had one of these. Or maybe not lol. I do hate hoovering!

    1. Hah! Well, me too – but this is so easy to whip out when needed as is light but oh so powerful. It definitely makes its easier to stay on top of things if you do a little, often. Big cleaning sessions give me the chills.. x

  4. The first thing I do when I feel overwhelmed, stressed, or like I need some space is to tidy and clean. A little bit of order among the chaos can work wonders and I find the physicality of it helps, too. – love the look of this device! Ours is so cumbersome!

    1. Ah, so happy to hear it’s not just me! Would def recommend a cordless vaccum, so easy to whip out and around when you need to x

  5. I have seen this advertised and wondered how good it was, it looks fantastic! I love that it is cordless too as that makes vacuuming so much easier and quicker

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