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I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely fascinated by the role technology plays in our daily lives and just how much ‘smart technology’ has developed over the past four or five years.

Can you remember a time when we didn’t all track our exercise regime or sleep patterns via a wristband, or control music playlist through voice command? Pause live tv at the touch of a button? Trust that your home security system would turn on automatically as you leave the house?


I’ve always considered Amazon to be ahead of the game when it comes to cutting-edge technological advancements that will enhance and improve our everyday lives, so its hardly a surprise to discover they’ve recently launched a #shopthefuture store on their UK website. Dedicated to highlighting the emerging designs they believe are set to redefine how we live, work and play in the future, these products are all designed to make our lives easier and more efficient, from further advancements towards a hyper-connected home to smart technologies that promote wellbeing, health and fitness.

To help promote the new online store, Amazon asked me to choose two pieces from the collection that I felt would best enhance my life right now. While i would have loved to fully embrace future technology driven by voice activated smart home hubs such as Amazon’s Echo, the reality is that my tiny rental flat doesn’t really require it, nor are my in-situ appliances advanced enough to connect up to such a device!


Far more useful to my current lifestyle are smart tech products that support my modern nomadic existence. As a freelancer I spend so much time working away from home, whether that be a simple train ride down to London or a longer haul plane trip off in search of adventure – and blog content! This week I’ve spent a few days down in London – working on an exciting photo shoot assignment and spending time catching up with friends – making my first choice from the #shopthefuture site an absolute no-brainer…

I’ve been coveting the Horizn Studios cabin trolley** for a while now, having fallen not only for it’s sleek elegant aesthetic but  —more significantly— it’s integrated Horizn smart charger, which allows you to easily recharge your mobile device (up to six times!), helping to keep you connected when you need it most. I always feel most insecure about the battery life of my phone whilst traveling, especially as all your most important travel documents are stored in apps these days! With the Horizn cabin trolley you’re able to access a portable charging unit from the exterior of the case and charge up on the go – not just your mobile phone but also any tablets or laptops you might be carrying as well.

Engineered in Germany, the all-airline approved cabin trolley is made using Horizn’s signature lightweight aerospace-grade polycarbonate protective casing, making each piece incredibly tough and resilient, elastically absorbing any external pressure and always springing back into shape – an absolute godsend if you’ve ever had your cabin trolley taken from you at the gate… (the last time that happened to me, my old case was retrieved sans-zippers from the baggage reclaim belt, sob!). Add 360° spinner wheels which glide smoothly over all types of terrain, and an easy-access front pocket made from the finest Italian leather and waterproof nylon – with enough space to hold a 15” laptop – and you’ve got one mighty fine piece of luggage right there.


Oh, and did I mention the handy smart charger can easily be removed with the click of a button, to conveniently slot into your handbag or even your pocket? Clever!

Sticking with the nomadic theme, the second item I chose from Amazon’s new #shopthefuture store was a Prynt instant photo printer case** for my iPhone, so I can easily print out snaps from my travels at the touch of a button! What I love most about this product is the marriage of old and new technologies – a modern technology solution to an issue that has arisen out of contemporary photography practises. I’m so guilty of having all the snapshots from my travels stored virtually on my devices, and never printed out in physical format to enjoy in real life. When I looked around my home recently I realised that while I have plenty of framed artwork propped up about the place, I had very few printed photographs that were personal to me, and those I did have were years old.

The Prynt Instant Photo Printer Case is a perfect solution, allowing you to turn your phone into an instant camera and print off miniature snapshots to share with friends and family immediately. You can use the Prynt app on your phone to apply filters and text to your photos, then at the touch of a button the image is sent to print using thermal technology that activates the ink embedded in the sheets of zink® paper loaded inside the case.


Super simple, but hugely fun and rewarding!

What type of ‘future technology’ do you think would enhance your current lifestyle? Why not take a look around the #shopthefuture site and see what you can find..

This post is a Paid Partnership with Amazon. All thoughts and opinions are, as always, my own. Shot on location at Artist Residence, London. All photography © Kate Baxter. 

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4 Responses

  1. Oh I would definitely have chosen those too, such clever designs! I love the leather detail and oh so useful charger on the suitcase and the photo print case is just genius xx

  2. I love both your choices. The suitcase is super stylish and I can’t believe it comes with a built-in phone charger. And what a cute little printer – I’m very tempted! I hope you have a great weekend, Kate. x

  3. I actually find some developments in smart home technology a bit too invasive. I don’t like the idea of Alexa or Google home listening to and possibly recording everything we say. I’d rather turn my lights or music on manually. Maybe I’m a bit paranoid! But this suitcase is fantastic. Such a great idea and really reassuring to have power when travelling. That little camera case looks cool too. So nice to print the photos out and share them.

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