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since i last shared a little tour of my bedroom on here it’s been all change in the space, as i’ve gotten a better understanding of how i use the room and how best it should function.

whilst the bed has remained in it’s central position, all other pieces of furniture around it have shifted – some out of the room entirely to be repurposed in the main living space, and others repositioned to greater purpose and make way for a little corner that had been sorely lacking for the first six months of my life in the flat: a dressing table!

i’ve always had a dressing table in my bedroom previously, so why i initially felt i didn’t need one in my new flat i’m not quite sure. while my daily beauty routine is actually fairly quick and minimal (my skin is terrible, so plastering it in too many layers is both detrimental and often makes it look far worse anyway), so i’d simply assembled my key daily essentials on a shelf of my tall billy bookcase (now relegated, rather usefully, to the flat’s utility closet) at eye level, so i could fit my small moebe black wire mirror alongside. and to be honest, that worked fine for the most part, but i did find myself missing the daily ritual of actually sitting down first thing in the morning and applying my make-up in a more leisurely, considered fashion than you do when standing up at a bookcase, almost as if you’re on-the-go and just applying a quick touch-up. ditto in the evening; sitting down in my bedroom sanctuary and taking time to remove my make-up, focus on my skin and apply my nightly oils helps this process become a far more effective part of my bedtime wind-down routine.

of course, finding the right dressing table was always going to be a little bit of a mission, since my personal style is for much cleaner, minimal furniture than traditional vanity units usually adopt. in the end, i realised that i was far more likely to be served a suitable option searching for ‘home office desks’ than i was ‘dressing tables’, and almost immediately hit upon the celine desk* by nazanin kamali for case furniture. not only was it the perfect solution for my pared-down-yet-still-feminine design requirements, it also partnered beautifully with my new nanna ditzel trinidad chair* from fredericia, which i knew i wanted to serve as my pampering seat of choice!

on trinidad i saw how the facades of the houses nearly dissolve in light and shadow – almost like a lace – and i thought to myself: how can i use this for a chair? ~ nanna ditzel

the nanna ditzel trinidad chair was inspired by the elaborate fretwork from the so-called gingerbread facades that she had often seen whilst on a holiday in the caribbean island of trinidad. the cutout fretwork from the curved shell back not only lightens the visual density of the chair, but it also functions as a stunning decorative element. utilising new cnc technology, which saw the trinidad heralded as a breakthrough when it was first presented in 1993, the gently curved seat back is made up of many screen-shaped shells which gently play with the light, creating a beautiful sense of motion and reminding me of the puffed up feathers of an exquisite peacock tail. i love the juxtaposition of this modern classic design – with it’s gentle boho overtones and organic curves – against the geometry of the celine desk and gently rounded edges of my black leaner* from exclusive mirrors, helping to keep the overall space feeling soft, tactile and inviting.

these two new design pieces have definitely provided a wonderful extension to my bedroom and helped give the room a purpose beyond the ‘sleep sanctuary’ i’d initially conceived, whilst maintaining the harmonious balance of the space. i’ve still got a few more additions to make in the room; for example, this area needs a rug to help pull things together and sadly the one i’d previously had in the space is a little too large and thick-piled to sit comfortably under the front two legs of my dressing table and have it remain stable!

i’m also working on the ‘dressing area’ and tackling the issue of closed wardrobe vs. open hanging rails, which i’ll be sharing on here very soon..

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 a number of items in this post have been gifted to me by their respective brands and denoted with an asterisk. all imagery, thoughts and opinions are, as always, my own. 

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  1. I will always have a small table in my bedroom! I need one! Agree with you!

  2. Hi Kate

    Ooh, I’ve had my eye on mirror like that for some time. The desk as a dressing table is an inspired idea – I never think we have room for a dressing table, as much as I would love one, so this is a great space saving solution! The chair looks mint, too – and I love the wall hanging above your bed! X

    1. It’s made such a difference to my morning routine and temperament – would totally recommend if you can find space! The wall hanging is from Moth on Burton Rd btw x

  3. It looks beautiful Kate! And what a stunning chair x

    1. Thanks hun! I love having such a statement chair offset against the cool clean lines of the rest of my bedroom furniture x

  4. Ah I love the decor in this room so much hun, and that chair is so cool! Gorgeous space!

    A x

  5. What a beautiful and calming space! x

  6. I’m in love with the chair and the dressing table! Beautiful x

    1. thanks lovely, I’m pretty smitten too x