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shop small: gifts over £50

when it comes to spending sizeable chunks of money on gifts for your loved ones, it makes sense to be investing in products that are lovingly handcrafted, promoting ethical and sustainable practices and giving a little back to the community, right?

i find it fascinating that, while people are more open to the idea of buying small craft pieces from designer-makers at markets and fairs these days, when it comes to spending a little bit more they tend to revert back to the big high-street stores. psychologically i think people presume they’ll be getting a more reliable – or better safeguarded – service by shopping with a known brand name over an independent, but that couldn’t really be further from the truth. of course, you don’t want to be inputting your bank details to any old website without first checking it’s secure, but the majority of designer-makers and small boutiques sell online these days via secure shopping platforms, and use the same secure services to power sales in their bricks-and-mortar boutiques, or even on the market stall!

the purchase of just one high value item from a small boutique, or direct from a designer-maker, really will make their day and contribute not only to their financial wellbeing but also their sense of personal worth and validation, knowing that someone else loves the work they are passionate about creating and sharing with the world. some may be just starting out in the world, while others may already have built a successful business, but they still remain the heart and soul of everything their brand puts out.

below i’ve rounded up a selection of higher value gifts, including a precision machined brass pen brushed and electroplated with 14ct gold by hand; a cushion designed to raise awareness about the pressures of growing up under the often distorted gaze of social media (with 15% of profits donated to eating disorder charity beat); and a plant subscription service that ‘keeps on giving’ long after the festive season has drawn to an end..

– gifts over £50 –


are you a local boutique owner or designer-maker selling lovely ethical, sustainable or unique gifts? feel free to leave a link in the comments below and help others discover your products! 

lead image: ferm living

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  1. I love those hand made products and I am supporting the artists buying directly from them. I am trusting them more than a powerful brand.

  2. That watch though! And it’s on sale!!! On my list x

  3. OOh – some lovely ideas here.

  4. Oh, what lovely things you have selected Kate. I love a subscription its the gift that keeps on giving. Last year I was given membership to the RA and that’s been such a lovely treat all year.