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shop small: gifts under £50

when it comes to gifts for your nearest and dearest, where you’re more likely to be spending a little more cash (although this is most definitely not necessary – some of the most personal gifts can cost nothing!), its important to take time to gift thoughtfully.

i wrote last year about how i planned to find myself a quiet, cosy corner in which to contemplate, mug of mulled wine in hand and festive tunes on the stereo, thinking over the good times i’ve shared with family and friends during the year, and see what potential gift ideas this process might spark. a ritual like this allows you to use conversations or observations from time spent with your loved ones to pinpoint a gift that might have far more lasting value – or build stronger bonds between you – than a throwaway gift grabbed in a hurry to fulfil a quota.

i’m a firm believer in gifts having stories behind them, whether that be a story personal to yourself and the giftee, one that resonates with you from the object’s designer-maker, or simply one about how you stumbled across the gift in-store and why it sparked a memory or thought about the recipient. these stories should be shared with the gift, either in a handwritten note or in person, to further enrich the gift-giving and receiving experience for all.

this next instalment in my shop small guide focuses on gifts under £50, including calming hand-blended oils crafted in small batches in venice, california; ‘fresh perspective’ day planners designed to help start each day with positivity and purpose, and end with a sense of accomplishment and progress; and ethical, sustainable spirits produced using fairly traded ingredients..

– gifts under £50 –


are you a local boutique owner or designer-maker selling lovely ethical, sustainable or unique gifts? feel free to leave a link in the comments below and help others discover your products! 

lead image: ferm living 

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