where is my mind?

wow, this past month has simply flown by! i had grand plans for posts throughout the festive season, but time ran away from me as i wrapped up the year with my day-job clients and plotted new challenges and adventures for the coming one, so apologies for that!

i thought i’d see out 2017 with a view to looking forward and not back – despite this past year being a wonderful one for me, full of newness: new city, new flat, new friends, and more. i’ve got some big plans on the direction this blog will take in the new year (more on that coming soooon), but for now i’ve rounded up my pick of the best minimalist planners to help you get your own thoughts and ideas for the next twelve months into shape.

it’s never too early – or too late – to start focusing the mind and tackling your dreams and ambitions head on, but the best way to start, in my opinion, is with a planner or diary. whether that be a year-to-view up-on-the-wall option, or a weighty day-per-page tome, depends very much on personal preference, and often having both options working concurrently can prove very effective. my personal option for next year though is the beauuutiful hello day minimal planner in tropical palma print, which promises super-effective day-to-day task management, with space for daily to-do’s, monthly goal planning and plenty of additional notes. here’s hoping it’ll get my mind more focused and productivity increased from the get-go, eh?

if you’re looking for something a little less involved (and less pricey), here are a few of the other minimalist planners that made my shortlist:

wishing you all a very happy new year my lovelies, thanks so much for all your support this year and i hope to see you back here again soon in 2018!


  1. Natalia

    31 December

    These are all so beautiful, but so expensive! I really like to just use a cheaper notebook but it’s far more effort!

  2. Michelle

    22 January

    I just found this article while browsing your site and this is definitely the sign I needed to get myself a planner this year. The thing is that every year I get one, and then I just neglect it after a couple of months. Maybe 2018 will be the year I actually use mine from Jan to Dec?

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