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dreamin’ of island life

the one room i’ve not yet revealed in the fab flat is my kitchen and, much like my bathroom, there’s a reason for that.

the set-up is a standard rental flat offering: white laminate units, cheap faux-granite work surface and chunky chrome fixtures and fittings. in short, not very ‘fab flat’ at all!

i often imagine how i would change the space up should i be able to actually make updates in my flat beyond the temporary and cosmetic. in an ideal world i’d love a far bigger square footage for starters (ha, not asking for much!), with increased surface area for food preparation and countertop appliances, a larger sink to make washing up far less of a juggling act (or perhaps a built-in dishwasher, one can dream!), and most definitely a bigger fridge than my current under-the-counter one. but practical updates aside, the main desire is simply to completely overhaul the aesthetic, from cheap and somewhat antiseptic, to sleek, glossy and contemporary kitchen.

nova matt grey kitchen, currently in the magnet winter sale 2018

ample storage

one of my biggest frustrations in my current kitchen stems from the lack of surface space, which means that keeping all the items i need to have close to hand – basics like a coffee machine, bread bin and utensil pot – makes the space feel cluttered and far less streamlined than i’d like. i also have limited cupboard space below and above the units in which to store crockery and groceries, which makes the sleek wall units and under-counter drawers of magnet’s nova kitchen (above and left) look oh-so appealing! i’d really love the option to display a few of my simple elegant crockery pieces on open shelving, whilst storing away everyday dinner and glassware to minimise clutter. i also dream of having easy-glide under-counter drawers to neatly stack plates and bowls, as well as gathering together glass-topped containers of store cupboard essentials, such as pasta, rice and lentils, for easy access when prepping a meal.

social island

the more i’ve used my tiny l-shaped kitchen, the more i’ve come to long for an island unit to provide not only additional surface space for food preparation and drying dishes, but also to provide a focal point around which to gather guests when entertaining. although my sofa is mere metres from my kitchen – such is my space open-plan living space – i still find that guests hover around me in the kitchen area when i’m prepping dinner, eager to help, but without space in which to do so. i’d love to have a central island that they can perch at, helping themselves to the open bottle of wine (natch, all cooking is accompanied by wine right?), and able to relax while still feeling they were keeping me company. but beyond the enhanced social aspect an island brings to an open plan kitchen area, the real allure is in the additional storage options below, as well as extra countertop surfaces on which to really spread out and be able to prep a more intricately involved recipe.

luna matt grey kitchen, currently in the magnet winter sale 2018

what i really like about the sleek luna handle-less cabinet range (above right) is that the ‘social’ area of the island unit floats as an elevated level above the main island surface, separating it nicely from the countertop hob and retaining ample surface space for ingredients to be prepped alongside, and cooking staples such as oils and salt kept close at hand. doesn’t it just look like a wonderfully social environment that you’d enjoy spending time in, as cook or sous-chef, or mere observer? the aforementioned nova kitchen also has an island unit available with a similar proposition (below); a lower level table unit protruding from the end of the island allowing for a standard height dining chair to be used, instead of a high bar stool. this would be perfect if you have children wanting to finish school work while keeping you company during evening meal prep, or for creating a separate coffee station (or similar) within the space.

ahh, a girl can but dream, right?! are you planning to make any upgrades to your current kitchen during the january sales period? do let me know in the comments below!

nova matt grey kitchen, currently in the magnet winter sale 2018

 this post is sponsored by magnet. all thoughts and opinions are, as always, my own. 

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  1. Love this kitchen! Its so spacious but still has a cosy warmth to it. Kitchens are such social spaces in a home, its important they accommodate guests and cooks alike, while still being totally functional as a kitchen. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I’m totally lusting over a kitchen island too and love the images you’ve used!

  3. I could only wish on having the same kitchen. It’s looking so gorgeous and elegant. Well done!