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The long dark winter months always play havoc with my skin and hair, and I find myself scheduling in more and more pamper time as a result. 

I’m constantly slapping body oil on my poor flaking skin, or slathering my hair with a conditioning treatment to counteract the excessive split ends. Does anyone else struggle with these issues? I’m always keen for advice or recommendations, since this post isn’t about the digress into beauty..


But since I’ve been spending a lot more time in my bathroom this month, I thought it might be fun to do a little daydreaming about what my fantasy bathroom might look like, should I have endless funds and space in which to create my very own spa-like room in my home.


It’ll come as no surprise to you that saves for “spa bathrooms” on Pinterest were up 269% last year, and I know I’ve certainly spent a lot of time this past month pinning beautiful imagery of resort-inspired bathrooms, complete with interesting tile details, slatted wood and rattan furniture, along with an abundance of lush tropical greenery.


I don’t actually know how I’d be able to commit to just one collection of bathroom furniture when I’m finally able to deck out my fantasy space – there are so many gorgeous ranges out there!


Here are just a few that have caught my eye this month..

Aveo by Villeroy & Boch

The styling of the Aveo collection (above) by Villeroy & Boch immediately caught my eye for the sun-drenched slatted wood detailing of its setting, but I also love the curved egg-like shape of the freestanding bath and matching basin. There’s something so pleasingly aesthetic about its ergonomic design, elongated at one end to provide a natural resting point whilst reclining in the tub. Can’t you just see yourself whiling away the hours in a frothy bath-time bliss there?

Stand by Norm Architects

The Stand collection by Norm Architects for Ex.t is inspired by the lightweight and elegant cast iron details, typical of 1920s and 1930s interiors, that stylistically characterised the Victorian era and the subsequent art nouveau and art deco decades. I love the sleek black framework on the bath and sink units, and can totally see that wall cabinet hung in my bathroom, laden with toiletries and hanging foliage..

Prime by Norm Architects 

The refined organic shapes of the Prime collection by Norm Architects for Inbani draw inspiration from antique metal bathtubs with a typical rolled edge, and bring the design right up to date with a stylish modernist feel. The soft outer shape is inspired by the way in which the pressure of water shapes an elastic material, such as a filled water balloon, and is just so pleasing to look at, don’t you agree? Again, I can imagine this bulbous vessel being wonderful to recline back and truly relaaaaax in..

Cosmopolitan by Grohe

Bath-time aside, I’m a gal who hankers after a hard-hitting rainfall shower to blow away the cobwebs and blast some life into my early morning wake-up. An overhead ceiling shower from Grohe would be the perfect option for a spa-like wetroom set-up in my dream bathroom, with a floor gully underfoot to drain the water effortlessly and quickly away. There’s something that simply screams ‘spa holiday’ to me when I think about a seamless bathroom to shower-room area, rather than having to step into the tub to get under a water-stream from a trickling overhead shower. Ah, one day!

What does your fantasy bathroom look like? Let me know if you’re lusting after a resort-inspired design too..


And if you’re looking for more bathroom inspiration, you can follow my ‘Bathroom Ideas’ Pinterest board… 

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