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i’m currently in the midst of rounding up a blog post on my favourite co-working spaces in manchester (being a freelancer means i’ve become very much the expert in finding the spaces that offer the perfect good coffee to good decor ratio, whilst also being conducive to work!), but for now i wanted to share with you imagery of this most stylish of co-working spaces in soho, new york.

i came across the wing via an instagram post by gillian anderson (you guys know how much of an x files geek i am..), which showed one of the space’s telephone booths emblazoned with the inscription: “the office of dana scully: paranormal investigator.”  i mean, come on. any workspace that is giving scully her own desk is a winner in my book! so i naturally had to find out more..

the wing is the brainchild of lauren kassan and audrey gelman, who based the female-only co-working hub on the women’s club movement that erupted in new york during the 19th and 20th century, with a mission to create space for women to advance their pursuits and build community together.

the wing soho is housed in an old manufacturing warehouse originally built in 1890, creating a co-working space three times the size of the wing’s original flatiron location, offering open layouts, private nooks and a light-filled atmosphere. the 10,000 square-foot space is infused with a bold jewel-tone colour palette throughout, designed by an all-female team including architect alda ly, interior designer chiara de rege and pentagram’s emily oberman, with women’s needs  placed firmly at the forefront. amenities include a cafe/bar offering organic produce, showers and lockers, a nap room and beauty room, which features beautiful custom wallpaper by illustrator joana avillez and flat vernacular’s payton turner (both founding members of the wing).

the wing was born out of the belief that women need and deserve a multi-purpose space designed to make their lives easier, and that magic is created when women gather together.

i first fell hard for the soft streamlined elegance of the decor (millennial pink sofas – check, terrazzo countertops – check, light ash wood – check), but there are so many other fantastic elements to be applauded in the space.

first are the quirky tributes to the team’s favourite fictional female characters in the names given to the office’s conference rooms; as well as my beloved scully you can also find mention of ramona quimby and the golden girls’ blanche devereaux, amongst many others. then there is the all-female lending library with over 2,000 titles curated by the literary powerhouse founders of strand bookstore, which range from feminist theory to contemporary women’s fiction. on top of that, the wing soho also features a gallery of works by prominent female artists curated by wing member and collaborator lolita cros, including works by angelica hicks, esther sibiude and tschabalala self to name but a few.

can you imagine a more inspiring and creative environment in which to work? i really hope i can spend some time here during my next new york jaunt!

all imagery © the wing soho, used with permission. 


  1. Jess T.

    28 February

    Kate! This space is amazing!!! How cool would it be to work there?!

  2. Carole King

    1 March

    Never mind working there. I’d like to move in! I can just see you there Kate. xx

  3. My god. This place is amazing. It looks beautiful and a great place to work. So inspiring too. I really wish there was somewhere like this close to where I live. I’d be there every day.

  4. Tiffany

    19 March

    Jeeeez what a place to come and work in – can you imagine what you could get done here?! Or maybe not…I think I’d be distracted stroking everything with my mouth hanging open!

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