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As much as I’d love to have the opportunity to design my own kitchen from scratch, I do often wonder where on earth I’d start, given the sheer number of beautiful designs there are out there and configuration options to consider!

It might seem odd to think of kitchen ‘trends’ when it comes to planning your space, but there’s been such a shift in the way in which we use our kitchens in modern times, that it’s worth exploring all the new options there are on the market and considering how you currently use yours and how that may change in the (near) future, before committing to a design scheme.


Finishing decorative touches such as cabinets doors and handles can be easily updated, but planning usage configurations, storage and functionality is important to get right from the start, as you want to be getting the very best usage out of the space for many years to come. The kitchen is the heart of any home; it is not just a place where we cook and eat, but often a versatile space for work, rest and play. Filling your kitchen with colours, furniture and finishing touches that you love will make it a pleasure to spend time in.


Howdens Joinery have just released a fabulous kitchen trends report for 2018, and it makes for fascinating reading, with kitchen decor trends ranging from Natural and Refined, to Monochrome and Individualistic. Each one is easy to bring to life, whether you are embarking on a full kitchen makeover or simply wanting to give the space a spring refresh. As much as I may be drawn to the eclectic vibrance of trend no.99 (Cultural) or the bold drama of no.100 (Individualistic), I know that trend no.98 (Pure) is the one which would be the most enduring in my home long-term, both aesthetically and —crucially— in function.

Taking inspiration from Scandinavian design, the Pure trend utilises organic materials, neutral colours and matt finishes for a peaceful, pared back look, turning the kitchen into a safe haven from modern life. Soft shades of white and grey enhance this sense of tranquility and pair beautifully with fresh greenery and foliage, helping bring the beauty of the natural world outside into the space.


The materials for the Pure trend are inspired by nature, and maintain the Scandinavian influence, with laminate worktops and flooring mirroring the look and feel of natural wood and stone, and introducing an organic quality. The whole look feels as though it would inspire the use of fresh, quality ingredients in the cooking of dishes in the space, and enhance the enjoyment of simple recipes that celebrate the inherent flavourful quality of pure, honest ingredients.


Added to these calming base layers are simple accessories in marble and concrete, which help add tactility whilst enhancing and harmonising the pared-back palette, to create an uncluttered and inviting living space. The use of soft muted cashmere pink, soothing dove grey and light speckled stone offers a clean refined environment that still retains the warmth you would expect in an area termed the ‘heart of the home.’

If, like me, you’re not in the position for a full-scale kitchen makeover just yet, then simple updates such as changing your cupboard doors and/or handles, updating your kitchen sink and/or taps, or even just adding a fresh lick of paint, can help make all the difference in suffusing your kitchen with a tranquil, calming vibe.


I’ve also pulled together a selection of kitchen accessories i feel complement the organic pared-back scheme, and provide another quick easy way to bring a little bit of the Pure trend into your home:

Get the Look: ‘Pure’ kitchen trend

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Which of Howdens’ kitchen trends do you most identify with?

Are you refined or individualist? Or perhaps a monochrome addict?

Let me know!

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12 Responses

  1. Loved this post, hun. And I can attest to designing a kitchen from scratch being overwhelming and terrifying (SO many decisions!) but absolutely worth it and all good fun in the grand scheme of things! It’s just such a weird design process because you don’t see everything come together until it starts to get installed so you never really know for sure if all the elements are going to work together until, well, they go in…!

    – Will

  2. I think with kitchen design it’s very risky following current trends. Much more longevity as you say in a classic and minimal look. I’m with you all the way. x

  3. I’m in the process of designing a kitchen from scratch now and can attest to the fact that it’s a little overwhelming! Agree that you have to use materials and layouts that will work with the way you live and while my tastes run bolder than the Scandi look, I do love the elements of natural materials you’ve shown! xx

  4. Oh I love this look, it’s so calming and easy to work with. This look is timeless and would work with so many different accessories over the years. I love the minimal look

  5. Oh wow. I love the look you’ve chosen. It looks so calming and serene. Also love all the accessories you’ve picked out for it. I think I’d really like to design a kitchen from scratch but I always get overwhelmed so I’d probably find it really stressful.

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