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one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is being able to collaborate with brilliant homeware brands and reimagine their new trend-led collections in my own space.

it’s always wonderful to see new product ranges emerge around specific themes and visual aesthetics but while its inspiring to see beautifully styled look book shots of these collections in their entirety, the reality is that unless you’re making over your home from scratch, you’re only really likely to purchase a few key items from these ranges, to mix and match with pieces you have in your current décor scheme.

when online interior emporium amara got in touch recently to ask if i’d like to be an ambassador for their new architect collection from their successful own-brand a by amara, i immediately swooned over the cool clean lines of the collection, inspired by new york loft style living. the trend boasts geometric straight lines and grid motifs in monochrome hues, warmed with metallic accents and softer organic edges, with the look book impeccably styled in a redbrick loft living space similar to those of my heart’s desire in central manchester. instant lust. 

with the current uk heatwave it seems almost foolish to be already pining for autumn but the truth is i could do with the temperature dropping just a few degrees and my flat cooling down a smidge. as autumn winter collections start proliferating online and in stores, i can already feel myself starting to daydream about longer nights and cosy mornings spent on the sofa under a blanket.. typical brit, huh?!

having stripped my living space of all surplus textiles and warm tactile accents to cope with the recent sweltering humidity, i couldn’t wait to start adding back in some of these decorative flourishes that not only add visual intrigue but also bring a touch of cosiness back into the space, and pieces from the new architect collection have helped me bridge the gap between pared back summer minimalism and full-on cosy cocoon winter. so to help celebrate this new launch, i wanted to share a few of my tips for transitional interior dressing.

we try very hard each season to offer something new and fresh to our customers that both excites and inspires them to embrace their own creative interior style. by traveling and meeting exceptionally talented suppliers, we’re able to create beautiful, one off pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. ~ sam hood, amara


the warmer summer months usually necessitate stripping away extraneous or overly tactile layers from your living space. you may remember that i’d had a thin cotton boho-style rug down for summer but as much as i loved that, i’d always known i’d be switching it out for something far cosier underfoot come autumn – and this monochrome marvel from the new a by amara collection is most definitely a winner in my book!

the dotted lines rug is a plush deep pile statement piece and the perfect item to help tie together my current scandi-boho décor scheme with the more masculine traits of the architect trend. i love the fact that the strong graphic design is tempered by ragged edges and haphazard breaks in the vertical lines, and am just obsessed with how soft and snuggly it feels beneath my toes compared to the thin cotton rug i’d previously had down. tactile elements underfoot are a great way to start introducing a little cosiness back into a space and your rug (or flooring in general) is a great starting point for a crossover scheme.

next up are your sofa textiles. if, like me, you pared back your cushions and throws for summer, now is the time to start thinking about adding a few softer layers back in. whereas in winter i tend to have a chunky woollen blanket thrown over my sofa, i’ve opted for a lighter, slubbier version as a transitional dressing – i love the soft tactility of this 100% merino wool throw, which is perfect for drawing up around your shoulders for comfort and warmth during late night telly watching sessions. for cushion adornment i’ve kept things light and minimal, but switched cooler summer linens for plush white velvet which also offers a softer cosier feel. the dash and fade cushions help bridge the gap between my summer boho style and more tailored winter approach, weaving subtle copper dashes across a tactile canvas.


as autumn rolls around candlelight starts to play an important role in my home, and while i love burning scented candles to give my home a comforting and relaxing aroma, for ambiance i like to have simple white taper candles stockpiled. i always think these look lovely gathered together in vases as decorative accents in their own right; the frosted grey warren vase (above) provides a great vessel for this in my opinion.

and when it comes to candlestick options the architect collection has plenty to choose from. my pick of the bunch is a simple white marble half-orb, which can be used with either tapers or tealights. it’s a nice weighty piece, which means a tall candle feels securely anchored, and i love the simple elegance of marble as a timeless material that can be mixed and matched seamlessly with many décor styles.

decorative accents 

sometimes all you need to make a space feel vibrant and fresh again is a good accent piece. switching things around in a space to give new emphasis to a particular piece – whether new or simply long forgotten – can be all you need to add a little wow factor back into a space you’d been growing tired of seeing day after day. there are plenty of standout accent pieces in the new architect collection from a by amara. the head vase taps into the current trend for ‘face-inspired’ decor, while the swirling monochrome design of the aphrodite vase has made it an imposing focal point in my living space, taking pride of place on my coffee table brandishing a few sprigs of eucalyptus – my choice of greenery, whatever the season.

one of my favourites in the collection is also one of the most versatile and highly functional pieces: a marble effect trinket box that i feel would be equally at home in the bedroom, bathroom or living room. i’ve used mine to store some of my favourite polaroid snaps, and have housed it within a styled display in my glass-fronted cabinet, but it could also be used to store jewellery on a dressing table, sample sachets of your favourite toiletries in the bathroom or even as a beautiful box to stash those all important expense receipts in your home office.

and there you have it; my picks from the  a by amara architect trend. do let me know which pieces have caught your eye, and let me know how you plan to update your living space as we move from summer to autumn – do you have any little tips you always employ to make the transition a little smoother?

oh, and i’d love your feedback on the little video at the start of this post – it’s always fun trying something new and i’ve found myself really getting back into filming and editing again, having not done much of it at all since my uni days.. when i actually studied film & tv production, and spent my days shooting and cutting film! fingers crossed i find some time to hone my skills and relearn the craft in the coming months, as i’d love to share my video content on here in the future..

a by amara ‘architect’ products featured throughout: dotted lines rug, citrine handspun blanket, velvet cushions, dash and fade cushions, marble effect box, stainless steel tray, stainless steel coasters, short marble tealight holder, lotus vase – small, lotus vase – medium, allen ink stain vase – tall, allen ink stain vase – flat, head vase, warren vase, aphrodite vase. shop the trend

this post is in collaboration with amara. all photography and views expressed my own. 

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  1. What a stunning post and a gorgeous video, Kate! So multi-talented, I’m in awe! The flat looks gorgeous styled with such beautiful items and really works so well to transition to the cooler months ahead. Like you, I am actually looking forward to the temperatures coming down just a little ;) xx

    1. Awww, thanks Kimberly! I’m so happy with how everything came together: how the products worked in my space, how the photos came out and how the video managed to work when spliced together. Such a fun collab to work on and so happy with how well received it’s been :) xx

  2. Oh Kate what an absolutely beautiful space you have created. It’s no wonder that Amara has chosen you as an ambassador. Your home is the perfect setting for these wonderful products. And that video was amazing, you should definitely do more video content. It took this post to a whole new level. I had no idea that’s what you studied! Looking forward to seeing more videos from you in future.

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely words Stacey, it’s so good to know that people are engaging with video content more now as it takes so much time to craft but is so rewarding when it all comes together :) I definitely plan to do more xx

  3. Wow Kate! This post is just stunning. I love the video. You are obviously in the wrong game. Well, not really. I’d love to see more. x

    1. Ah, thanks so much Carole – that’s so kind of you to say! Really excited to create more video content this year, it just takes a lot of time to perfect x

  4. Wow Kate-you just look SO at home there and in the gorgeous home you’ve created! Fabulous post lovely. I can’t access the video yet-probably my computer-but can’t wait to see it xxxx

    1. Ah, thanks so much Caroline! Let me know if you’re still struggling to watch the video – it’s embedded from YouTube so not hosted on my site so there shouldn’t be any issues but you never know with technology!!

  5. I love your video, it’s great to see how all the pieces work together and and the music is a great choice to go with it. I can’t wait for the hot weather to cool off so I can add in more textiles too.

    1. Thanks so much – it was a lot of fun to film and edit, and I tried so many different tracks with it before I chose the final version so it’s great to hear you liked it :)

  6. Hey Kate,

    thank you for this beautiful inspiration! Looks so cozy in that room. The big vase is such an eye catcher ;) I am afraid I can not find this piece at AMARA. What is the name of it?

    Looking forward to more posts like this.


    1. Hi Andreas, the large vase on my coffee table is the Aphrodite vase which you can find here: https://www.amara.com/products/aphrodite-handmade-vase-black-white Good news! It’s currently on sale :)

  7. What a great post! Love your very slick vid too. Those pieces look lovely in your flat. Especially like that rug!!
    (I think i’ll be seeing you tonight btw! :) )

  8. Just gorgeous Kate, you did a fabulous styling job and I love the video. The new range fits perfectly into the flat!

  9. Kate, these photos are beautiful and I love the video. It’s such gorgeous collection, too.

  10. I am in love with this space! What a great job you’ve done. I’m definitely really looking forward to a cosy winter so I can play around with textiles again. The candles really add to that cosy feeling as well – it looks like a space where I’d happily curl up for hours with a cup of tea. I often get overwhelmed when I start experimenting with colour too much so I really like the fact that everything is monochrome too. Well done!

  11. I absolutely LOVE this post and video!! You’re so bloody talented Kate. Is this the big shoot you mentioned to me on Facebook? What a fab piece of content for the brand and also, what a stunning collection – so you! xxx

  12. Wonderful video and so useful tips! Video is definitely a format you should pursue more often. Allow me to say that you swept me off my feet with your gorgeous style and an amazing eye for details. Decorative accents you’ve chosen for your home are not only visually intriguing, they are also extremely inviting and add the breeze of coziness and warmth to your room. Every single corner of your home is so thoughtfully styled that I wished I could jump into the photo and transport myself there :D Consider me impressed! :)

  13. Nice video. The furniture and products you shown are awesome.