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good intentions

it’s been a while since i posted any kind of lust & covet feature on here (a good ten months in fact!), but this year they are back – albeit in a little less structured a way. 

because let’s face it, just because i haven’t been sharing all the things i’ve been drooling over from all my favourite brands and designers on here lately, doesn’t mean i haven’t been doing it! i mean, who doesn’t get caught up desiring a new cushion for their sofa, new candle to scent their home, or even a new cosy armchair to curl up and read in – the latter is me right now, and there’s a post coming on that verrry soon..

it was just that i was floundering a little with the direction i wanted to take my content on here, and getting caught up in the notion that blog posts these days should be lengthy, intensely researched and be borne out of knowledge and boundless wisdom in order to be worthy. but putting all that pressure on my content significantly zapped the joy out of the creation process and, of course, posts around here have been dwindling this past year. so here we are, my resolution for 2019: to go back to basics and post what i love, sharing the type of content i used to enjoy putting together back when fabric of my life was truly my heart and soul – i hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

from top: poketo concept planner, frama hand wash, design anthology (uk) magazine, linen wheat bag, bamboo coffee cup, j. hannah nail polish, crease release spray, jute storage basket


january is always a month for new intentions and mindful goal-setting, and i find nothing gets me more in the mood to tackle projects with renewed optimism and enthusiasm than having new tools with which to get the job done. my poketo concept planner, which i picked up on my trip to new york last autumn, has been my constant companion the past few weeks, as i’ve plotted and planned my vision for this space over the coming year, as well as personal growth and wellbeing goals that are more like aspirations than fully-defined (aka, easy-to-break) resolutions.

i’m hoping to be far kinder to myself this year; less fretful about a constant need to be ‘doing’, and instead be far more focused on simply ‘being’; setting a consistent morning routine that works for me, truly focusing on the task at hand during work hours (whilst taking adequate breaks!), and allowing my mind to truly switch off and unwind at the end of the working day. i’ve bought myself a bamboo reusable coffee cup so i don’t have to feel quite so guilty about those daily coffee runs, a ‘crease release’ spray to make laundry day far more manageable, new nail polish so i can feel a little more ‘put-together’ with a simple slick of paint, and a huge stack of books and magazines to inspire new ideas and help me escape into my mind for a few enjoyable hours..

have you set any good intentions or mindful goals for yourself in 2019?

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