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more new season inspiration today, from one of the catalogues i most look forward to each year. tine k home never fails to deliver, and this year’s offering might just be their best yet!

the aptly named slow collection was shot at the dreamy neuendorf house in mallorca, designed by john pawson. set in an almond grove, with views of sea and mountains, it’s a tranquil, ethereal space that i would happily move straight in to and never want to leave. the architecture is emphatically vertical, with the exaggerated height of the walls dramatised by the narrowness of the doorways, and pigments from the local soil used to tint to render the walls a gloriously dusty reddish coral. it’s the perfect backdrop to the new slow collection, which promotes taking time to simply be, at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

it was hard not to share every visual from the new catalogue, such is the breathtaking beauty of the styling by pernille vest, and photography by mikkel absbol, but below are a few of my favourites. each image is imbued with a wonderful sense of tranquility and calm, and the soft sun-drenched warm of the coming season.

i don’t have much to add, except that i’d like to crawl inside this world and live there happily, forever..

this year slow collection is based on honest materials and usable colours for a calm and fundamental yet sophisticated atmosphere. sense the collection and take your time to slow down and enjoy all our handmade products. ~ tine 

we photographed this collection on a hidden spot, the nature around us unfolding a scenery of wildness and rare beauty. the architecture is massive and simple and the walls speak their own language with dusty red colours. when sun breaks through, light and shadow let our slow collection shine by its simplicity and elegance, and it shows that some moments need to be enjoyed slowly. ~ tine 

 all photography © tine k home. styling by pernille vest / photography by mikkel adsbol

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  1. stunning design. it looks like vintage or classic style but its very lovely.