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I’m always excited to see Swedish furniture retailer IKEA launch new collections that tap right into the heart of current living trends.

I continue to be excited by the plethora of biophilic elements bringing nature into our homes, and with the forthcoming TÄNKVÄRD collection – featuring materials such as rattan, cotton, linen, jute, and seagrass – IKEA delve straight into the zeitgeist for a more sustainable, and nomadic, way of living. Much like the cult success of the STOCKHOLM 2017 collection (and that rattan cabinet, which I’m so grateful to have gotten my hands on) I think IKEA are onto another winner here!

Being strategic and purposeful about your purchases – whether for the home or otherwise – is a key ingredient to a sustainable living ethos, and now more than ever it’s important to consider the materials and styles you opt for.


All the furniture pieces in the TÄNKVÄRD collection are made of rattan, and are light and easy to move around the home to be used in a number of different ways. Working with natural fibres, not least rattan, also means that no two products in the collection are exactly the same; the material has a life of its own, which in turn creates unique expressions, championing individuality over conformity.

All items in TÄNKVÄRD have been designed with sustainability and flexibility in mind. These are products that you can mix however you like, and bring with you to the beach or the park if you want to.

I also adore the effortless, casually styled imagery that accompanies the collection, reminding me of the evocative look books from perennial slow fashion favourites Toast, evoking the warm languid atmosphere of a Spanish or Tuscan villa. The whole vibe immediately promotes a sense of calm and wellbeing, don’t you think, and encourages you to slow down and get back in touch, with yourself, and with nature.


The textiles especially have been styled to present a wonderfully tactile quality; I mean, don’t you just want to jump headfirst into that beautifully disarrayed bed and while away an afternoon in the dappled sunshine with a good book in hand? I read somewhere (although sadly can’t remember where!) that indigo blue was ‘out’ for 2019, but I couldn’t agree less. Blue is always in in my book, and happily IKEA agrees, with this vibrant yet peaceful shade strewn across the TÄNKVÄRD collection. It’s a hue that lifts the soul I feel, instantly transporting me to the coast, beside the calm, still waters of a vast and limitless ocean. It’s a colour that speaks to me of hope and positivity, and I think we can agree that we can all use a little bit of that in our lives just now.

We’ve explored lots of different techniques,” says designer Akanksha Deo, who drew on her experience working with artisans in India when designing the textiles. “By integrating the beauty of handicraft into a mass production process, each product gets added character. We’ve tried to create textiles that are tactile, honest, and accepting – so you’ll want to keep them with you for years.

What do you think about this new limited edition collection – will you be clamouring to get your hands on any of the key pieces when they launch?


→TÄNKVÄRD will be released in selected UK IKEA stores in April 2019.

All photography © IKEA

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  1. Beautiful, inspirational photographs! You’re right. The casually styled imagery of this collections does look so effortless and so calming too. And you’ve styled the pieces so amazingly. Love the idea that they encourage you to get back in touch with nature.

  2. It’s a beautiful collection Kate, I particularly love the blue linens and the use of rattan throughout. Can’t wait to see this in the flesh.

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