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Style steal – modern desert.

Have you been inspired by my last post to try and bring a little piece of modern desert decor into your own home? Right now its the perfect trend for bringing a little bit of boho-inspired wanderlust into your life! 

The ‘desert decor’ trend has been an undercurrent in interiors for the past few years but has really come to the fore for Spring Summer 2020, so there are plenty of accessories out there just now that can help you achieve the look. The basis for the trend has to be the current obsession with houseplants – in particular cacti – which is certainly one of the quickest and easiest places to start, but I’d also recommend embracing the soft arid tones of the desert (think sun-scorched hues such as warm terracotta, creamy saffron and burnt adobe red), woven rattan textures, handcrafted wicker-style baskets, and chunky handmade pottery and ceramics.


I think the biggest appeal of the trend for me is the effortless, lived-in style that modern desert-inspired homes seem to radiate, and the notion of bringing the outside in, which has an increasingly vital appeal during current the lockdown, especially if, like us, you don’t have any outside space of your own to enjoy. I’m pretty much obsessed with everything rattan at the moment, but it can be a tricky look to get right without it feeling a little too contrived and gimmicky. The material isn’t just for outdoor furniture anymore; nowadays you’ll find cane and rattan being used for everything from occasional chairs and headboards, to table dressings and storage solutions. The trick to embracing rattan in the home is to choose a few key pieces I think (unless you’re wanting a full-on desert vibe) and limit things to either one focal statement piece per room, such as the Nanny rocking chair by Nanna Ditzel or a handwoven rattan bed*, or opting a few select accessories that can be layered up to create interest within a space, such as using these natural woven planters*, rattan place mats*, and a woven palm leaf pendant shade* in a dining room setting. Oh, and baskets, baskets galore! That’s one thing you can never have too many of in your home, in my opinion.


Artwork and textiles are two other ways to get a good hit of desert decor into your home. I love the Joshua Tree and Saguaro Desert photography from Wilder California, which offer similar options to the prints seen in The Joshua Tree House Hacienda, while Desenio also have a good selection of desert-inspired prints – I particularly love this abstract Desert Lines No.1 illustration. On the textiles front I’m pretty taken by the idea of hanging woven rugs or tapestries as wall art, just as much as I am by window nooks and daybeds strewn with a multitude of cushions in an array of tactile textures. My favourite designs borrow influences from traditional Native American and Mexican crafts, re-imagined beautifully in the colourful selection of mudcloth throw pillows from Kaekoo. I also love pretty much everything from Australian brand Pampa, whose handwoven textiles were used throughout the Posada Inn in Tucson.


Scent is also a key element is creating a desert-inspired, wanderlust-infused home. Palo Santo wood, natural incense sticks, and soy or coconut wax candles should all be used in abundance, mixing the heady scents of clary sage, pinyon pine and copal for the perfect sensual waft of the desert throughout your home. Think warm breezes, mountain air and fresh cactus blooms. Pure heaven!

Lead image: FERM LIVING Desert lounge chair


1. ROSE & GRAY Shapes stoneware side plate  2. H&M rattan framed mirror*   3. FRENCH CONNECTION  small Spiral wall basket*  4. A NEW TRIBE etched patterned mugs   5. YONDER LIVING Boujad rug   6. OBJECT STYLE Desert candle  7. NORDIC MUSE Tanger storage baskets   8. OUR PLACE Dinner for 4 essentials collection   9. PAMPA Monte pom pom cushion

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