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Five weeks into lockdown, and I think it’s safe to say that ‘escape’ is at the forefront of most of our minds just now!

Our homes may be providing us with the safety and security we need – and there truly is no better place for us to be – but being able to escape from the uncertain and bewildering realities of current lockdown life offers a much-needed bit of sweet relief, whether it be through the pages of a favourite novel, the alluring locations of a film, the exotic taste of a freshly-cooked dish, or scent of a faraway land.


Nothing evokes the senses, or has the power to transport, more than scent. The part of our brain that processes smell also stores our memories, which means that when our noses detect the scent of something we have stored with a memory, that memory is triggered. It may be the smell of vine-grown tomatoes in your grandfather’s greenhouse, the salty tang of the ocean on your first trip to the seaside, or the scent of your favourite childhood meal; the scent and memory will forever be closely entwined.


This is the reason that my favourite way to switch off, unwind and escape is simply to light a scented candle, because it offers a dreamlike conduit to another time and place. Now perhaps more than ever, I appreciate this transportive quality of scent. When enjoying a nice long warm bath I like to have a candle that evokes a sense of the tropics burning nearby, so I can close my eyes and imagine I’m laying in the ocean, the sun beating gently down, a man selling freshly-cut coconuts a few yards up the beach. When I’m curled up on the sofa reading a book I like to burn a candle with a scent that closely matches the setting of my novel, further transporting me into it’s pages. And when I’m sat at my desk working (ok, kitchen table as the bf has stolen the office) I like to have a gently floral scented candle nearby and imagine the smell is wafting in from my garden through an open window. In reality we’re four floors up, overlooking a car park, without even as much as a balcony for outdoor space.


So I thought today I’d round up a selection of candles and other home fragrance products designed to help you create your own escape, to a setting of your choosing, whether you dream of rambles along a blustery Nordic coastline, saying aloha to a chilled island vibe, or simply pottering in a garden, bursting with the fresh, sweet scent of springtime.


Just pick your destination below..


Stargazing in the Mojave Desert

The mingling scent of cedar, eucalyptus and earthy patchouli, with a touch of tangy blood orange and floral jasmine blossom, and a resinous, smoky sandalwood and amber base, stimulating moments of peace and thoughtfulness.

1. INCAUSA Piñon, makko & palo incense  2. PF CANDLE CO.  No.26 Copal  3. THE VERY GOOD CANDLE COMPANY Indio tealights with terracotta candle holder  4. NORDEN Joshua Tree ceramic candle  5. ROEN  29 Palms 6. BROOKLYN CANDLE STUDIO Palo Santo gold travel candle  7. INCAUSA Palo Santo incense sticks  8. THE NOMAD SOCIETY No. 005 Mojave Rain 9. PAMPA Palo Santo sticks

Frolicking by the Pacific

Salty skin, ocean waves, warm sand underfoot, sea salt, dune grasses and driftwood. Notes of blackcurrant, patchouli, tuberose and sea moss, mingled with wild sage, fig and lavender. The scent of bonfire on the breeze. 

1. PF CANDLE CO. Swell Sunset incense cones  2. VITRUVI Pacific essential oil blend 3. ROEN Topanga  4. BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA  Sweet Ash*  5. PF CANDLE CO. No.21 Golden Coast room spray  6. EVERMORE Tides  7. LOLA JAMES HARPER The Surf Shop of Stephane  8. 42 PRESSED The City by the Bay  9. KEAP Waves

Magical Moments in the Mediterranean

Memories of bustling cobblestone streets, sweet Italian pastries, hazy summer afternoons by olive groves, a waft of citrus peel and fresh cut basil on the air and long, lazy, alfresco nights with a glass of wine in hand.
  1. WAX+WICK WORKSHOP Neroli + Basil  2. OCTŌ LONDON Italian Garden  3. BROOKLYN CANDLE STUDIO Italia  4. ESSENCE+ALCHEMY Ver incense cones  5. HOMEWORK Mas Santo  6. TIGER&CO. Grove  7. HOBO+CO. Roam room mist  8. PF CANDLE CO. Olive Terra  9. THE MUSES Tonic

Morning Trails through the Forest

Dewy walks in dense woodland groves, crisp leaves crunching underfoot, the fresh scent of pine needle, eucalyptus and silver fir in the air, gently warmed with base notes of earthy moss and spicy black pepper.

1. NOA Forest 2. VITRUVI Grove essential oil blend  3. WAX+WICK WORKSHOP Wild Woods + Fir  4. FELLOWSTEAD Grove  5. FIND Ground  6. EVERMORE Grove   7. SUN.DAY OF LONDON Beyond the Pines   8. MAD ET LEN Terre Noire lava stones  9. BROOKLYN CANDLE STUDIO Montana Forest 

Pottering in the Garden

 Lingering memories of summers spent in the garden with grandparents, of plump tomatoes on the vine, parsley seed and basil, a lingering floral touch of honeysuckle mixed with rose, geranium and lavender, and an earthy rosewood base.

1. BOY SMELLS Gardener   2. LOLA JAMES HARPER The First Morning of Spring room spray  3. CICELY&MAY Fleur reed diffuser  4. HOBO+CO. Bloom room mist  5. ROEN La Maison Rose  6. SUN.DAY OF LONDON Rooftop Garden  7. ESSENCE+ALCHEMY Azoth  8. NOA Lotus Blossom  9. EARL OF EAST Greenhouse home mist

Rambling along the Nordic Coastline

Crashing waterfalls and big landscapes, orchard trees dappled in late summer sunlight, wild berries, blackcurrant and oakmoss, the cleansing aroma of sea salt, eucalyptus and sage. The bracing ocean breeze a reviving tonic.

1. SKANDINAVISK Fjord   2. LIGHTWELL CO. Northern Forest room fragrance  3. THE VERY GOOD CANDLE COMPANY  Stormur  4. FELLOWSTEAD Strand   5. MERAKI Nordic Pine  6. AERY Nordic Cedar   7. WAX+WICK WORKSHOP Sea Salt + Oak   8. CICELY&MAY Sage + Sea Salt soy wax melts  9. PAIA Sea Salt & Sage

Exploring Japanese Islands

A meditative blend of earthy Hinoki cypress, sandalwood and cedar leaf, mingled with the spicy bite of ginger and a fresh blend of peppermint, basil and eucalyptus. Top notes of cherry blossom, yuzu, toasted sesame and mild citrus.

1. BROOKLYN CANDLE STUDIO Kyoto  2. BROOKLYN CANDLE STUDIO Hinoki Woods  3. THE VERY GOOD CANDLE CO. Asagiri reed diffuser  4. AERY Wakame Seaweed reed diffuser  5. BOY SMELLS Hinoki Fantôme  6. AERY Sakura Blossom   7. EARL OF EAST Onsen  8. BROOKLYN CANDLE STUDIO  Japanese Citrus travel candle.  9. BYREDO Ambre Japonais

Bustling about the Medina

Sultry smoked spices, woody notes of cypress bark, spruce and oak warmed with clove and ginger, a hint of smoke mingled with cardamom and honey, a delicate floral musk of rose, orange and jasmine, the lingering scent of sweet mint tea.

1. 40.000 MARRAKECH Rue Yves Saint Laurent  2. D.S.&DURGA Burning Bazaar  3. SUN.DAY OF LONDON V. Riad  4. 19-69 Kasbah  5. LIGHTWELL CO.  Orange Blossom room fragrance  6. CULTI Ode Rosae difuser*  7. MAD ET LEN  Spirituelle Verte room spray 8. MAD ET LEN Spirituelle* pot pourri  9. EARL OF EAST Atlas Cedar

Say Aloha to Island Life

Waves lapping, platinum sand between your toes, nothing but azure blue skies overhead. Creamy coconut mingling with dark rum and kaffir lime. Deep botanical bouquets wafting under notes of sea salt, driftwood and moss.

1. HOBO+CO.  Lemongrass & Coconut  2. SoH MELBOURNE Coconut & Keffir Lime  3. FRAMA Beratan  4. BROOKLYN CANDLE STUDIO Maui  5. THE NOMAD SOCIETY No. 006 Aloha  6. MALIN+GOETZ  Dark Rum*  7. NOA Coconut Leaf  8. HELM LONDON Coconut  9. BOY SMELLS Lanai


What are your favourite scents, and where (or when) do they transport you to?

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  1. I’m curious to try out “Saying Aloha to Island Life” Smell is the keenest of my senses. It connects to my supress emotions.

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