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Oh, how times have changed since I first moved to Manchester and was adamant I wanted a platform bed for my flat, sans headboard. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still personally drawn to the clean simplicity of Scandinavian/Japanese style “floating” platform beds and absolutely adore my Mirage platform bed from The Futon Company, but having moved in with my boyfriend recently I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that if we’re to keep my bed over his (entirely the right choice in the comfort stakes!), then I need to find a headboard to adorn it. Not just a decorative headboard mind, but one which adds comfort and support whilst sitting up in bed to read or , as we’ve been doing a lot lately, work.


Ultimatum aside, I think both my style and headboards in general have evolved over the past three years and there are actually plenty of designs on the market that I find myself drawn to. I’ve also been hugely inspired by my recent California Stylish Stays post and all the gorgeous statement headboards at the five design-led boutique hotels I’m longing to stay at. I’m a little torn between opting for a rattan or cane bedhead to help bring some relaxed beach-y vibes into the bedroom (which may be more style over comfort), or going all-out on a more dramatic upholstered number.


Natural tones and materials are usually my go-to, so even with a fabric or leather bedhead I would definitely still be sticking to a muted, earthy, colour palette, to tone beautifully with the array of soft hued washed linen bedding sets I have on rotation. Then there’s also the application method to consider. Headboards can be mounted either directly on to the bed, or directly to the wall behind, or even hung from carefully positioned hooks or rails – a look which I’m really sold on, but sadly can’t really commit to since we’re in a rented property.


Aside from the vast array of delectable designs available to buy, there’s also the DIY route to consider, and I’ve also seen some of my favourite interior bloggers create stunning creations of their own that offer bespoke storage solutions, or utilise colours or prints that tie in perfectly with the rest of their bedroom decor. I really love this DIY bedhead by Sarah Sherman Samuel utilising a couple of big squidgy floor cushions and a sleek copper pipe, this DIY headboard cover tutorial from Marlene at My Mindful Home, this minimalist plywood shelf headboard by Mr.Kate, as well as this IKEA cane headboard hack by Caroline Burke. I’m also pretty obsessed with this long sleek fabric tufted headboard by Bianca from French For Pineapple! Creating your own headboard also seems like a really fun creative project to undertake during lockdown, if you have those kind of crafty skills under your belt.. which I’m not entirely sure that I do, sadly!


I’m still very much in the fantasising stage of my headboard research – and surprised I’ve not yet been forced into making a decision by the bf yet, especially given how much time we’ve spent at home lately! – but here are a few that I’m particularly enamoured by, whether they’re practical for our situation or not.


I’d love to hear which are your faves, or if you’ve got any fab recommendations for a mount-to-the-bed headboard option that might suit our criteria well?

Lead image: TINE K headboard in Kit linen


  1. HATI HOME #2 in rattan    2. URBAN OUTFITTERS Deco Sun headboard*    3. TINE K headboard in walnut    4. PAMONO Passage rattan headboard by Emilie Ceriez   5. SMALLABLE cane and velvet beadhead   6. THE COTSWOLD BED COMPANY Amberley headboard  7. BY THORNAM Cloud headboard  8. URBAN OUTFITTERS tufted pillow headboard*   9. BY THORNAM Raw headboard

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