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Tales from summer

Please excuse another photo dump post but it feels like the best way to share life lately and, to be honest, there’s really not a huge amount to say.

Things may feel like they might be getting better but it seems unrealistic to assume the worst is actually past. I do hope you’ve been able to find plenty of joy in the small things though, and have had the chance to make memories and have adventures to remember this summer. I know though, that we don’t all have that luxury. 

The past month feels like it has been as lovely as could be though, with the summer sun and the opening up of hospitality and retail again, albeit it cautiously. For me, it was wonderful to discover the new Warrington Market nearby and venture further afield in my new neighbourhood (having moved in with Luis in Warrington just before lockdown) and stumble upon lovely little neighbourhoods, coffee shops and parks.

We even squeezed in a jaunt down South for the bank holiday weekend; to see my parents, the coast and – finally – visit The Hambledon in Winchester. It’s only been on my bucket list for years!

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  1. with the summer sun, everything looks brighter;) lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing.