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The world’s first purifying steamer.

Travelling during a global pandemic can be fraught with anxiety and concern.

When we made the decision to travel to Guatemala to spend Christmas and New Year with my boyfriend’s family, whom he had not seen in over two years, we spent a lot of time weighing up the pros and cons of our trip, and looking for ways to ensure we stayed as safe as possible as we explored the country.


So when Laurastar got in touch to introduce me to their portable IGGI purifying steamer (RRP £179) I was very intrigued. For 40 years, the Swiss brand has been bringing together innovation, ambition and excellence in the care and purification of textiles and interiors, and they are now making a real name for themselves in the UK.

Compact, portable and powerful, IGGI is the world’s first purifying steamer, utilising unique and exclusive Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) technology to offer a sanitising product that protects people and their loved ones. DMS is a highly efficient disinfectant, proven to eliminate 99.9% of viruses (including Coronavirus), bacteria and fungi with zero percent humidity, to leave fabrics perfectly dry and allow little chance for microorganisms to breed. Pretty impressive, huh? 


The handheld steamer seemed like a perfect product for me to put to the test while we were away in Guatemala, particularly since we had a week-long road trip planned with stays in several different hotels around the country, so Luis could introduce me to the beauty and natural wonder of his birthplace (keep your eyes peeled for a full blog post covering that shortly – or head to Instagram now for a little preview!).


Being able to quickly and effectively sanitise textiles and surfaces as we travelled offered us great peace of mind as we moved about. Without the use of chemicals, the IGGI steamer can sanitise virtually every item with one quick spray, including bags and luggage, bed linens, fabric sofas, curtains, door handles, keys, fabric face masks and – of course – your clothes!

As well as its impressive sanitising properties, IGGI also removes creases and wrinkles from even the most delicate items in your wardrobe with its high-pressure steam, helping to instantly rejuvenate them after many long hours spent on the road.


We packed fairly light for our trip, which meant that many of our clothes were being reworn day after day, so being able to freshen them up – and release any excessive creasing from hurried packing – was a godsend. The steamer heats up in minutes and uses plastic, rather than metal, meaning both the plate and steam are safe to touch.

As fantastic as it was to have the IGGI on our travels, I’m also keen to put it to great use in our home when we get back.

I didn’t pack any ‘dry-clean only’ or ‘do not iron’ clothing with me for the trip (because I’m not crazy, haha), but since the IGGI is also safe to use with these items I’m looking forward to being able refresh my winter coats – and a couple of evening dresses I rarely wear because they’re usually a pain to launder – when I get home. Ditto my daily-use handbags which, when you think about it, are likely to be a hotbed of germs!


I’ve made a real effort over the past two or three years to make sure I’m shopping for slow, responsible fashion items and only adding things to my wardrobe that I really need. I’m slowly building a capsule collection of pieces I really love, but making sure that I’m able to care for these pieces effectively will be crucial to extending their lifespan and ensuring they stay as beautiful as the day I bought them. Laurastar steam cares for your fabrics by restoring their volume delicately and naturally, including even the most delicate fabrics such as wool and angora, helping them to retain their original beauty.


Laurastar products also have “Allergy UK” approval, a label awarded by top specialists and professors certifying the effectiveness of the brand’s products for people with allergies, sensitivities and intolerances. As someone who consistently succumbs to sneezing attacks whenever I clean our home, I was really interested to hear that Laurastar DMS steam eliminates 100% of dust mites from fabrics in the home, and can’t wait to put it to the test on our upholstered headboard, bedroom curtains and fabric sofa.


I’ll definitely report back once I have!

The Laurastar IGGI steamer was gifted for the purpose of this review but, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Photography © Kate Baxter / Luis Leiva, shot on location at Swell Surf & Lifestyle Hotel, El Paredon, Guatemala.

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