Fabric of my Life.

Hi, I’m Kate – it’s lovely to meet you!
I established Fabric of my Life in May 2009 as an online scrapbook of inspiration; a place where I could hoard all my favourite visual imagery, design ideas, thoughts and musings into one big magpie’s nest.
Since then Fabric of my Life has grown into a personal passion project, incorporating my love of relaxed interiors, laid-back style and cultural travel, and has afforded me a wealth of opportunities that I could not possibly have imagined when I sat down to pen my first post! It also helped to chart my career in PR & Marketing; working first for a London boutique agency, before joining a design & architecture agency as Director, and now working freelance for an array of independent brands and solo business owners following my relocation from London to Manchester in 2017. In mid-2020 I founded a second website, Fabric of the North, to celebrate mindful, aesthetic and sustainable businesses in the North of England and, in 2023, collaborated with TYRO (studios) to launch North is Now, to further promote contemporary Northern brands.
I’m now in my early forties and share my North-West home with my Guatemalan boyfriend, Luis, and our fur baby, Paco. I’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively with my blog over the past 14 years, and enjoy nothing more than chronicling my adventures here in my own little corner of cyberspace and sharing them with you all. So thank you so much for taking the time to stop by, I really do appreciate each and every comment :)


can’t live without?

my morning coffee

fave destination?


fave tv show?

The X Files

when I was younger I wanted to be…

a travel agent

nothing makes me happier than…

seeing my football team win!

I’m addicted to…

prawn crackers

Fave band?

Take That

my dream home is…

by the sea.

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