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A spring clean.

The middle of March, the slightest whiff of Spring on the horizon, and the desire to deep clean and sort out every corner of the home reaches fever pitch..!   Who am I kidding? I’ve been itching to spring clean ever since the start of the year, but now that the turning back of the clocks is imminent, and daylight is starting to reach the furthest flung corners of the house again, it’s finally time. There’s something quite cathartic about a

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September stories.

The start of September always ushers in a raft of emails in my inbox, showcasing the new season collections from some of my favourite design brands.  While I don’t believe anyone needs to be updating their home decor on a yearly – let alone seasonal – basis, I’m always excited to see new lifestyle imagery from the brands whose designs I’m always most drawn to; to gain inspiration for new ways of arranging my home, new colours I might like

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Italian vacanza.

I always love to see how the creative and unique approaches design companies take in sharing their brand philosophy with their customers. Danish design brand Vipp have been slowly but surely developing their own portfolio of design-led one-of-kind hideaways, that allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the wonderful world of Vipp and experience all their products in the most beautiful of settings. It’s such a wonderful and immersive approach, don’t you think?    And their latest offering, Villa Vipp,

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A nomadic spirit.

“A store for those who are inspired by travel and craft and want to create a home that’s full of soulful moments and memories.“ That sounds right up my street!    We Are Nomads is a beautifully curated online store founded by Jane Badu, another former Londoner who has recently relocated to the North. Jane reached out to me recently to introduce her gorgeous website to me, and I was delighted by the lovely selection of products —and stories— has

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Follow the route.

You know I’m a sucker for artisan textile brands that help preserve traditional craftsmanship techniques and support indiginous communities around the world.  When Angharad Allsop, founder of Routes Interiors, got in touch with me on Instagram to introduce me to her products and brand ethos, I knew immediately that I wanted to support her work however I could. Not only do her products encourage a deep connection with both craft and nature, but she is also based in Chester —a

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Arrangements in blue.

Blue —and more specifically cobalt blue— has always been my colour of choice for adding accents to my home. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have likely noticed that cobalt blue has been everywhere in the fashion world lately; from the SS23 runways to the windows of COS, Arket et al and, where fashion leads, homeware usually follows.    For me, the colour blue always evokes a sense of wanderlust and escapism, especially when paired with creamy whites

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