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salted caramel

have you seen that british heritage brand wedgwood have just launched a new website, behind the blue door, which shares inspirational food, drink, style and culture with a particular focus on afternoon tea, weekend brunch and decadent dinners? to celebrate the launch of the site, wedgwood asked me to style up my own little contemporary tea party and share a recipe for my favourite afternoon delight. well, whenever i plan a little shindig for my nearest and dearest there’s only one

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as the whirl of christmas party season begins, i thought i’d break out my cocktail recipe cards and put my new gintuition glasses from dartington into action. this fun little gift set from the devonshire based crystal company is the perfect present for a gin lover like myself, bringing together three carefully crafted glasses – the copa, the highball and the martini – which have each been designed to complement and enhance your gin concoctions. so without further ado, here are my three favourite gin-based

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black coffee, dark chocolate, red wine.  i’ve always felt there is something decadent and indulgent about dark chocolate, the refined – often bitter – taste far more alluring and sensual than its milky cousin. there’s been a real explosion in quality artisan bean-to-bar brands in the past few years (much in the same way as a quality coffee culture has been embraced here in london), and since i’ve sworn of all things dairy once and for all i’ve found myself becoming more

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ready to spritz

do you have a go-to summer drink? originating from sun-soaked city of padua in northern italy back in 1919, aperol‘s tempting mix of bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb and cinchona make it not just a perfect tipple to enjoy on the rocks but also an essential ingredient of the zesty cocktail that has become my drink of choice when dining alfresco this summer. the fact the drink is also the sponsor of my beloved manchester united doesn’t hurt either; apparently aperol’s “embodiment of

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…and this porridge is just right!

• dip dye bowls, tesco • clouds boxes & fine china set, cath kidston • milk jug, alessi • measuring spoons, west elm • porridge is a subject that divides people, often eliciting a marmite-like division of camps into those who love and those who loathe the hearty, wholesome breakfast staple of yesteryear, before dividing even further into those who are strictly purist (oats, water, salt) and those who crave experimentation. but regardless of where you fall it’s hard to deny that given the obvious health

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(peanut) butter me up

[soliloquy id=”18541″] i have a confession: i’m addicted to peanut butter (surely i’m not the only one?!) so, when i recently decided to go dairy-free the decision  was made all the easier by the knowledge that peanut butter was most definitely not something i would have to give up! these peanut butter cookies are from a recipe i found a while ago over on goodness green, and are super quick & easy to make and yummy to boot. i whipped

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