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An artistic escape

When it comes to choosing artwork for your walls, sometimes making a decision and actually committing to a particular piece can feel utterly overwhelming! For many years, in my previous rented flats, I've avoided making a commitment by invoking the 'do not damage the walls' clause in my contact, and opted to simply lean layered pieces of framed artwork against ...
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Autumn antics

We've gone into another 'short, sharp' lockdown here in the UK so it definitely feels like a good time for another photo dump from the past six weeks or so in our new place.. We're so lucky to have snuck our house move in before restrictions tightened up again, as well as our 1-year anniversary dinner celebrated 6 months late ...
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We meet again!

I never meant to stay away so long. It's difficult to know where to begin with 2020. It's been the toughest year for so many and yet, in a way, one of the best for me personally, despite - or perhaps because of - all the restrictions that came in the wake of the pandemic. It's certainly been unique, this ...
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