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great danes

you'll have probably seen from my instagram and stories that i was in copenhagen last week, hosted by two wonderful danish heritage brands: fredericia and georg jensen. i have a ton of photos to edit from my trip, and a multitude of posts planned to share with y'all soon, but in the meantime i thought it would be fun to ...
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designcenter de winkelhaak

one of the most intriguing and creatively inspiring places we visited on the function+form bloggers trip to antwerp was designcenter de winkelhaak. an innovative creative arts venue in the heart of antwerp, designcenter de winkelhaak offers a vibrant co-working environment for architects, freelance designers and creative start-ups, alongside an original design shop, exhibition and events space, and bustling café serving what ...
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wonderful wes

when in milan last week i couldn’t resist taking a slight detour off the official salone route and making a pilgrimage to the wonder that is bar luce, designed by one of my favourite cinematic auteurs: wes anderson. located within the fondazione prada at largo isarco (itself a spectacular piece of architecture and space that definitely demands a visit next time i'm in town), ...
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