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Despite starting the new year in yet another national lockdown, I do hope you’ve been able to find some joy and merriment over the holiday season.    The start of this year feels like no other. None of the new year optimism and resolve I usually muster as the new calendar page is turned. So […]

Happy holiday season! Last year I shared a festive gift guide full of independent Northern brands and designer-makers, a precursor if you will to this year’s ‘Gifts from the North’; a 42-page downloadable guide that I created for Fabric of the North (access it here!)   One of the presiding messages in my post last […]

We’ve gone into another ‘short, sharp’ lockdown here in the UK so it definitely feels like a good time for another photo dump from the past six weeks or so in our new place..   We’re so lucky to have snuck our house move in before restrictions tightened up again, as well as our 1-year […]

I never meant to stay away so long. It’s difficult to know where to begin with 2020. It’s been the toughest year for so many and yet, in a way, one of the best for me personally, despite – or perhaps because of – all the restrictions that came in the wake of the pandemic. […]

Please excuse another photo dump post but it feels like the best way to share life lately and, to be honest, there’s really not a huge amount to say.   Things may feel like they might be getting better but it seems unrealistic to assume the worst is actually past. I do hope you’ve been […]

Welcome, welcome, to a new chapter. First off, let me assure you, Fabric of my Life is not going anywhere! I’m still going to be active in this little corner of cyberspace, posting all about my home, my life, my travels and all my favourite discoveries from far and wide.   But, since moving up […]

Hi guys, I hope you’re all keeping as safe and well as you possibly can.    It’s difficult to know what to say and what to share just now. We’re all caught in the same storm, but I know we’re all in very different boats.   This is ours.   p.s. you can find the […]

Although my trip to Marrakech earlier this year feels like a long time ago now, the magic of the city has certainly stayed with me.  This is in part through the wonderful selection of souvenirs we brought home with us, which have brought so much joy into our lives during this lockdown period. One of […]

Self-care has taken on a whole new significance for me during these long lockdown weeks, as I pace within the four walls of my home. Taking quality time for myself has always been an integral part of my weekly routine, but being at home 24/7 just now has meant taking extra care to ensure I’m […]

I’ve talked a lot about using scent as a means of facilitating ‘escape’, but scent is also a powerful way to alleviate anxiety and stress, which I think we can all agree is highly needed just now.  I’ve had a couple of friends recently recommend the benefits of “focused meditation”, using the smoke curls of […]

Five weeks into lockdown, and I think it’s safe to say that ‘escape’ is at the forefront of most of our minds just now! Our homes may be providing us with the safety and security we need – and there truly is no better place for us to be – but being able to escape […]

As we begin to spend far more time in our homes than we ever have in recent times, finding joy in the mundane household tasks that have been piling up over the months can be a bit of a godsend. Which would make this the perfect time to introduce you to Attirecare.  This Manchester-based eco-friendly […]

If staying in is the new going out, you might as well dress the part. I’ll admit, the further I get into my thirties the more adept I get at stay-at-home dressing versus dressing to go out-out. I’ve always been a more dress-down than dress-up when it comes to fashion, living pretty much in jeans […]

Perhaps the most timely new product release around, I am delighted to have discovered Swedish design studio Form Us With Love‘s newest venture, FORGO.  More than two years in the making, Forgo is a sustainable personal care product designed to reconfigure the most significant product of recent times; the humble hand wash. The idea itself is […]

Wow, a lot has changed in the past few weeks, huh? I hope you are all staying safe and positive at home, and are managing to find ways to navigate this ‘new normal’ as best you can.  Things are so topsy-turvy at the moment, but while doing something as seemingly normal as writing a blog […]