Fabric of my Life.

Having worked with numerous solo & small businesses over the years, I understand the overwhelm behind feeling the need to be the MASTER OF ALL TRADES in order to succeed at the one thing you’re most passionate about.

I’m here to help you navigate your business journey successfully and master all the things you NEED TO, whilst identifying those which can (and should) be automated, and those which can be parked without any feelings of guilt, even if just for a little while.



My holistic approach to 1-2-1 marketing guidance and brand strategy sessions provides the opportunity to dive deep into any and all aspects of your business that you feel need attention, from brand guidelines, identity and design, to website structure and SEO, social and email marketing strategies, press and influencer outreach, content creation, and a whole lot more!


Throughout our time together, I will support you to take intentional action in your business and cultivate a strategic ‘big picture’ approach to build a thriving, sustainable, business ON YOUR OWN TERMS, in your own way.

Kate is wonderful! During our time together my business grew from strength to strength and I was fully booked, working with fantastic clients. I have been supported to create strategies that are easy to implement and deliver maximum return for minimum input, and she has made social media feel fun and accessible rather than overwhelming! Our conversations provide gentle coaching and encouragement, and I always leave our interactions feeling full of optimism and excitement about the work ahead.

I offer three core

1-2-1 Guidance



A single 90-minute session is great for gaining perspective and clarity on a specific project or area of expertise, and create your own tailored action plan.

What’s included? 


Three months together is perfect for finding clarity, focus, and direction in your business and build a clear plan of action to get you moving forward.

What’s included? 


Six months is ideal if you are looking to launch or make a big change in your business, combining multiple activities into one successful process.

What’s included? 

Limited Availability.

Pricing from £300; please contact me directly to discuss your requirements. 

How do sessions work? 


Before our first session.

I’ll begin by sending you a questionnaire to fill in detailing your current position with your brand, brand/marketing activities you’ve completed to date, your core skillset, and any specific areas/goals you wish to address during our session/s.


This will help me get a good feel for you and your business before we begin, and allow me to evaluate how we can best work together to help you meet your desired goals in the most effective way possible.


During our session/s.

All 1-2-1 guidance sessions can be conducted via Zoom (or your preferred video/calling platform), or in-person over tea/coffee & cake in Manchester, Liverpool or Warrington. 


Sessions are guided very much by you, and your business needs at that moment in time.


On 3 and 6-month packages, sessions will generally follow a steady path towards an overarching key business or development goal, defined in the initial session. However, running a small business will inevitably throw up unexpected challenges at a moment’s notice (just look at what the past year has thrown at us!), so I am always mindful to keep sessions as flexible as needed, to tackle any immediate issues that impact on the day-to-day running of your business.


Post session.

After solo sessions you will receive a detailed follow-up email with notes from our call and a clearly defined action plan to put into practice, along with a list of relevant supporting resources and reading materials.


If you opt for a 3 or 6 month coaching package you will receive access to your own bespoke online workspace, which will be updated after each call with detailed action plans, relevant resources and further reading materials to assist you in your monthly tasks between calls and help keep you accountable and moving forward. I will also be available via email to answer any crucial questions that arise between sessions.


You will continue to have access to this workspace for 6 months following the end of our sessions, allowing you to refer back to previous notes and links.


How are sessions billed?

All solo sessions are charged for in-advance at the time of booking.


For 3mth and 6mth coaching clients, the first half of the investment fee is due at the time of booking, with the remainder due at the start of month 2 (for 3mth packages) and start of month 4 (for 6mth packages).

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