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A spring clean.

The middle of March, the slightest whiff of Spring on the horizon, and the desire to deep clean and sort out every corner of the home reaches fever pitch..!   Who am I kidding? I’ve been itching to spring clean ever since the start of the year, but now that the turning back of the clocks is imminent, and daylight is starting to reach the furthest flung corners of the house again, it’s finally time. There’s something quite cathartic about a

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It’s dinner party season!

Is there anything more exciting than planning a dinner party at home with your nearest and dearest, Come Dine With Me style?  Minus the excruciating scoring-in-secret part that is!    If the Channel 4 reality series is your go-to guilty pleasure as well (couples edition, of course!), then you’ll be just as excited as I am that dinner party season has arrived once again. So, when I was asked to create some dinner party themed content by build-to-rent operators Get

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For the love of food.

“Hey babe, what do you want for dinner?”  In our house it’s Luis Cooks (as opposed to Andy – or Paco, as the photos might suggest!), so when it comes to the kitchen – and all the gadgets we have littering the countertop – it’s his domain. Having invested in the Ninja Foodi 8-in-1 Flip Mini Oven about a year ago, and seeing just how often we used it (and how much its saved us energy-bill-wise by forgoing use of the

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The world’s first purifying steamer.

Travelling during a global pandemic can be fraught with anxiety and concern. When we made the decision to travel to Guatemala to spend Christmas and New Year with my boyfriend’s family, whom he had not seen in over two years, we spent a lot of time weighing up the pros and cons of our trip, and looking for ways to ensure we stayed as safe as possible as we explored the country.   So when Laurastar got in touch to

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Wonderful wallpaper.

I have to confess, I’ve never really been a fan of wallpaper. And by never really, I mean, I’ve actually had a severe aversion to it that I can trace directly back to the hideous mish-mash of wallpapers that adorned the walls of my childhood home that still give me nightmares to this day. I think I’ve always considered wallpaper to be very outdated and synonymous with ornate or shabby chic decor, but in recent years I found myself being

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A clean sheet.

If there’s one thing I always advise investing in for your home, it’s good quality bedding. Soft, relaxed, comfortable and, with the launch of John Lewis & Partners’ new exclusive collaboration with contemporary fashion brand Mother of Pearl, now beautifully sustainable too.   I only recently discovered Mother of Pearl through the early stages of developing a capsule wardrobe, but immediately fell for their clean lines, elegant tailoring and statement detailing, coupled with their commitment to transparency across their supply

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