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Spa style.

The long dark winter months always play havoc with my skin and hair, and I find myself scheduling in more and more pamper time as a result.  I’m constantly slapping body oil on my poor flaking skin, or slathering my hair with a conditioning treatment to counteract the excessive split ends. Does anyone else struggle with these issues? I’m always keen for advice or recommendations, since this post isn’t about the digress into beauty..   But since I’ve been spending

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Bubbles & bliss.

I’ve resisted doing a styled bathroom post for a while now, since its a room in my flat with zero natural lighting and limited angles for photography.  But its also one I’ve been spending a whole lot more time recently, as the nights have drawn in and the allure of a regular warm and frothy bath began to call..   I realise that the bathroom is  often a room you can feel shortchanged stylistically if you’re renting, with bulky built-in

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The Fab Flat: Bath Linens

I always think that a bathroom can really make or break a home – especially when you’re living in a rental! I was incredibly lucky to find a flat that not only ticked all the right boxes in the living and bedroom decor, but also had a generously-sized bathroom in a fairly neutral colour palette too.   I’ll be posting a full reveal on my bathroom styling shortly, but wanted to first share a few of my design resources in

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