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Rose Champagne.

Last week I was invited along to Rookery Hall Hotel & Spa in Cheshire by Hand Picked Hotels, to experience their new ELEMIS Rose Champagne Spa Day. Marking 15 years of partnership between Hand Picked Hotels and luxury skincare brand ELEMIS, the new Rose Champagne Spa Day celebrates the launch of ELEMIS’ new Rose Micro Serum; a dual-phase formula using unique oil-in-serum technology, and containing over 7,000 rose micro-droplets, to deliver optimal hydration.    Specifically designed to recharge and refresh,

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Skincare matters.

As I enter the final year of my third decade, with the big 4-0 looming on the horizon, my appreciation for – and experimentation with – skincare is dramatically evolving. I spent my teens, twenties and early thirties with only one consideration when it came to my skincare routine: will this product help curb my break-outs, or exacerbate them? When you’ve had terribly spot-prone skin for more than half your life, the relief felt when finally transitioning out of that phase

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You are beautiful.

We all deserve a little bit of pampering every now and then. There was a time when I’d have considered a trip to a beauty salon both a little indulgent, and generally reserved exclusively for Towie-wannabes. I think I’d just not come across the right salon before. And now, now I most definitely have!   Smuk is a new breed of salon championing beauty, inside and out, which doesn’t just apply to people but the whole salon experience, from the

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More fab finds.

We’re midway through the Summer hiatus month of August, which seems a good a time as any for another ‘Fab Finds’ haul post. It seems as if everyone has been away this month – myself included! – and I do love the feeling that everyone is living just that little bit slower, taking some time away from the stresses of work, and devoting attention to a ‘relax and recharge’ mantra.. Franklin & Sons Tonic Water When the days are long

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New york beauty

one of my great takeaways from the week i spent in new york recently was the vast array of ethical skincare and wellness brands that seem to be proliferating the us market right now. i discovered so many wonderful brands at two of my most-frequented haunts in the city: an old favourite, chelsea market, and new discovery, canal street market, which really deserves a post all of its own, such were the delights on offer there.. BURNIN’ FOR YOU CANDLE CO.

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