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A new look for Autumn.

The transition between seasons is often when I feel most inspired to make changes within my home. I can’t quite believe it but we’ve been in our ‘new place’ for a year now, having moved in late September 2020. It feels both like yesterday and a lifetime ago, as can often be the way. Having spent a full twelve months – and all four seasons – getting to know the quirks of our home and how best to inhabit it. I’ve

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A clean sheet.

If there’s one thing I always advise investing in for your home, it’s good quality bedding. Soft, relaxed, comfortable and, with the launch of John Lewis & Partners’ new exclusive collaboration with contemporary fashion brand Mother of Pearl, now beautifully sustainable too.   I only recently discovered Mother of Pearl through the early stages of developing a capsule wardrobe, but immediately fell for their clean lines, elegant tailoring and statement detailing, coupled with their commitment to transparency across their supply

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The allure of linen.

As the evenings start to draw in and the lure of hibernation begins to beckon, all thoughts turn to the bedroom and creating a nice, cosy cocoon in which to retreat during the long, dark winter months. Choosing the right bedlinen for your winter lair is essential, and in recent years I’ve become a total convert to the relaxed, seductive charm of 100% linen bedding – all crumpled and carefree and oh so comfy! Since purchasing my first linen bedding

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The Fab Flat: Bed Linens

A new bed requires new bed linens, non? As I seek to make my bedroom a sanctuary of restful slumber and indulgent relaxation I’ve been keen to upgrade not only my duvet and pillows, but also the selection of bedding I have on rotation.   Fun fact: T used to work on the home interiors floor of a big UK department store and spent many a day manning the bed linens section, learning all about thread counts and weaves from

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