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slowing down

i love the debut ceramic tableware collection from nina+co, which brings into focus the most important meal of the day, breakfast. nina has collaborated with the ceramicists to create this stylish ergonomic range. made from responsibly sourced materials from as nearby as is geologically possible, the collection is slip cast and batch-produced to maximise efficiency and reduce waste, and comprises of a plate, bowl, mug, espresso ...
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…and this porridge is just right!

• dip dye bowls, tesco • clouds boxes & fine china set, cath kidston • milk jug, alessi • measuring spoons, west elm • porridge is a subject that divides people, often eliciting a marmite-like division of camps into those who love and those who loathe the hearty, wholesome breakfast staple of yesteryear, before dividing even further into those who are strictly purist (oats, water, salt) ...
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sounds nutty

i seem to have a severe case of the january blues and extreme wanderlist withdrawal following my fabulous trip to snowy helsinki last week. the dismal grey clouds and dreary london rain just isn’t cutting it for me just now… thankfully, alpro are on hand to give me a bit of a pick-me-up. i’ve been an ambassador for the brand ...
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