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city slickin’

apologies for the lack of posting this past week, i've had one of those "over the cliff" moments (to borrow a scandal-ism!) and things have been pretty crazy. so i'm really happy to be taking a couple of days out to travel to copenhagen tomorrow, for a little styling masterclass with flower stylist louise moestrup at the vipp flagship store. i'm looking forward ...
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what is the city but the people?

  union squares: view looking west, lauren smith | untitled, valerie carpender | liquor, adalberto ortiz | fresh, paul robinson | glow in the dark, cécile van hanja it's no secret that i'm a city-dwelling gal through and through. while i may occasionally catch myself daydreaming about vast white beaches or rolling hillsides of luscious green, my heart is well ...
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for just a skyline pigeon, dreaming of the open waiting for the day, he can spread his wings and fly away again fly away skyline pigeon fly towards the dreams you've left so very far behind ~ elton john #augustbreak2013 recommended summer reading 07 >> attraversiamo <<
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hallo berlin!

i'm off to berlin for a couple of days, and really wish i had this adorable city guide to accompany me! it looks super cute, with lots of hand drawn illustrations and lots of insider tips on sightseeing, shopping, relaxing and um... karaoke (!) small caps also have a wonderful range of travel notebooks coming soon - i'm definitely going ...
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