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Follow your nose.

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but somewhere along the way I became a candle collector. It wasn’t really a conscious decision. As a blogger I’m lucky enough to frequently be gifted candles from some of my favourite lifestyle brands, and over the years I’ve amassed an enviable selection of beautifully packaged and exquisitely scented candles that gather in curated huddles in many corners of my home.   There’s a reason so many brands choose to have candles as

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Manchester is a city known for its abundance of creativity and in my time here I’ve become increasingly keen to tap into that positive energy and try out some new artistic and crafting activities to see if I can unlock any hidden creative talents myself.. Enter Joyce Lee, who was introduced to me by a wonderful mutual friend; Tori of Unfold the Day. Joyce had also been inspired by the creativity in the city after moving from Singapore 3 years

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The lost art of the nose

earlier this year i attended a wonderful perfume-making workshop led by fragrance expert emmanuelle mogelin of experimental perfume club, so i was delighted to hear that she has now taken up residence in dalston junction and opened the doors of london’s first open-access perfumers lab. the new laboratory space will host regular perfumery workshops as well as bespoke one-to-one consultations and olfactory events, offering a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with an art form traditionally difficult to

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Scent is a story.

last weekend i was invited to attend a wonderful workshop at the experimental perfume club, led by fragrance expert emmanuelle moeglin. held at the cockpit arts studios in holborn, the four hour perfume-making workshop was designed to introduce the art and logic of creating a fragrance and deconstruct the world of perfume, encouraging us all to use our instincts and push the boundaries to create our own signature scent from scratch. you may remember i attended a perfumery workshop in grasse last summer and

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