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The subtle pursuit of scent

would you travel abroad for the weekend without luggage? it’s been fascinating to see so many people on twitter shudder at the words hand baggage only, let alone the idea of traveling sans bagage for a few days! i must say, i baulked slightly at the idea when moneysupermarket.com first challenged me to spend the weekend in nice with nothing but my passport, wallet and camera, but it truly was a fantastic experience. despite the fact the challenge was designed

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Le voyageur sans bagage

for me, the most agonising point of any overseas trip is that torturous wait by the baggage carousel after a long flight, on an absolute knife edge waiting for a glimpse of your suitcase gliding its way around. that immediate, almost overwhelming relief that your baggage has actually made it to the same destination as you – instead of winging its way halfway across a different continent – is the true start of a holiday for me. when i was younger it always

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The mountain always leads

i mentioned a few weeks ago that i was off skiing for the first time, thanks to aéroports de lyon.  the french airport is in the perfect spot for quick and easy access to the northern alps, the biggest skiable area in the world. along with fellow bloggers lucie, laurie, niamh and millie we were given the warmest of welcomes as we arrived in lyon late on a friday afternoon, and were ushered swiftly through security, helped to pull our luggage

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Paris in the rain

having usually always visited paris in the springtime, it was a bit of a novelty to find it raining for much of our weekend, which presented it’s own unique set of challenges for someone whose default for exploring a city is on foot.  in between some sudden bursts of brilliant sunshine (see the snapshot of notre dame below as evidence), my sister and i found ourselves confronted with dark threatening clouds for most of the trip, so needed a few

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Passport to paris

last friday night after work my sister and i hopped aboard the last idbus from london to paris, and arrived at gare de paris bercy just moments before the sun rose above the horizon to usher in the weekend. i’m no stranger to the french capital – indeed this was my third trip this year – but every time i only ever manage to stay for 48 hours or less, and this time was no exception! so, with such a

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To not dare is to have already lost

a few weeks ago i was invited to paris by sofitel to experience their recently redesigned arc de triomphe hotel. naturally i jumped at the opportunity; paris is always a good idea they say, even if the trip comes a week before the madness of london design festival! having stayed at a couple of sofitels when i visited morocco earlier this year i was curious to see how the design and ethos of the brand would present itself in the french

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