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Eat, in any language

i’m a little bit in love with these ‘live the language’ commercial videos from education first – so beautifully shot and educational too! i’ve never been any good at learning other languages but wish i’d made much more of an effort at school. it would be great to be able to hop on the eurostar to paris for a spot of shopping and lunch, whilst actually being able to converse with parisians in their native tongue. i guess it’s never too late

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Travellin’ (wo)man

that’s the thing about travel you see; no matter how much you do, all it does is help spur on your wanderlust! i’m very lucky to have visited paris, stockholm, berlin, new york and johannesburg this year but even so, i can’t help but daydream about my next little overseas adventure… and these herb lester guides that i recently spotted doing the rounds on pinterest are certainly doing nothing but  kindling the flames of my desire! so, my friends, where

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Hallo berlin!

i’m off to berlin for a couple of days, and really wish i had this adorable city guide to accompany me! it looks super cute, with lots of hand drawn illustrations and lots of insider tips on sightseeing, shopping, relaxing and um… karaoke (!) small caps also have a wonderful range of travel notebooks coming soon – i’m definitely going to have to stock up for my next overseas adventure!

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