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A true holiday.

When was the last time you took a vacation that was truly about just switching off and relaxing?  Since my last family holiday with my parents —in 2002!— I don’t think I’ve ever gone away with the sole purpose of doing absolutely nothing. ‘Holidays’ since then have been all about exploring as much as possible; cramming as much as I possibly can into every single day of the trip, and returning home in desperate need of, well, a holiday!   

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Sea you soon.

UPDATE 2019. Casa Cook Kos has now become OKU Kos*.  I don’t have a summer holiday booked this year but if I did, then the newly opened Casa Cook Kos is the place I’d be headed! Regular readers will remember that I was lucky enough to be invited to sister resort Casa Cook Rhodes last spring, and it was hands down the best hotel I have ever had the pleasure of staying at.   Casa Cook is a new kind of

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Mi casa es su casa

I have a recurring daydream where I’m lounging on a deck in the sunshine, my feet hanging over the edge into crisp turquoise waters. All around me is peace and calm. In the distance, the melodic chatter of cicadas in the trees, the tantalising aroma of freshly cooked bread gently wafting over in the breeze; not a care in the world.   I found that kind of blissed-out existence at Casa Cook Rhodes last week and boy, oh boy, do

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Bohemian spirit

ever since i got back from the wonder that is casa cook rhodes, i’ve been thinking about how best to recreate the blissed-out bohemian vibe of this stunning boutique hotel in my own home. as i’ve been trawling the hundreds upon hundreds of photos i took on my trip – detailing the idyllic turquoise pool outside my door, the crumpled linen sheets, the relaxed interior styling – my mind has literally been screaming at me to drop everything and hop on the next plane back!

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