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Freelance fancies.

I’ve been working from home for the past two and a half years, ever since I moved to Manchester and went fully freelance to combine work on both my blog and my business, and design a lifestyle that truly works for me. Having the freedom to work as you choose is most people’s dream, however it’s not without its drawbacks. Once i stopped working in an office and started working from a desk in the corner of my living room,

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(Another) desk with a view.

It may be (well) over a decade since I last saw the inside of a classroom, but something about the start of September always brings about a sense of new beginnings, knuckling down and getting stuck in to whatever new project or goal is on the horizon. I’ve been in my flat for six months now and eagled-eyed readers may notice that its already been all-change in my living area. Things weren’t quite working out with my home office arrangement

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A desk with a view

  i spend a lot of time working from home so having a dedicated workspace is crucial for both my productivity and creativity levels.  i was so excited to set up my home office in front of the large bay window in my new home, overlooking the lush green valley below, but the drawback of being in a prime south-facing elevation very quickly became apparent. i’m not talking about the constant distractions of the squirrels darting up and down the trees or the

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