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pool art life

i'm off to menorca tomorrow for mr. bazaar's wedding (sooo exciting!), and these gorgeous sun-drenched photos of the newly reopened molitor hotel in paris are making me eager to take up post by our villa's pool and soak up some serious spanish rays! originally opened in 1929, piscine molitor was one of the most popular swimming baths in it's heyday and ...
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james and the perfectly formed peech

last week i was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to visit the oft-overlooked south african city of johannesburg, and witness first hand the regeneration and revitalisation of this former gold-rush town once ominously dubbed the "most dangerous city in the world." that portentous accolade seemed a world away from the vibrant dynamo of a city that i encountered, ...
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an ideal hôtel

i'm lucky enough to have indulged my wanderlust a little over the weekend, and whilst in paris stayed in a rather stylish little design hotel south of the city; an ideal hotel if you will. the newly renovated (in fact, there are still renovations going on!) ideal hôtel is located in port d'orléans and offers an eclectic range of conceptual room ...
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