Fabric of my Life.


Outdoor Escapism, at last!

I cannot begin to describe how happy I am that summer seems to have finally arrived in the UK this past week! When we moved into our not-so-new-anymore home back in late September, one of the biggest attractions for us was the garden. A shabby, overgrown and unloved garden, but an outdoor space to call our own nonetheless. After spending the first of 2020’s lockdowns – and the whole of last summer –  in a small two-bed apartment with no

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Scandi fusion.

We’ve been in our new home for six weeks now, and I’m so happy with how everything is coming together! While there are several contenders, I think the best room in the house has to be the lounge and it’s probably the space we’ve made the most progress to date. The room is the perfect square blank canvas – one wall is pretty much entirely window, the others (thankfully) painted white by our landlord, and the flooring is a nice

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Tomorrow starts tonight.

When we moved into our new home, one of the first things we noticed were how poorly fitting the venetian blinds were in our bedroom.  I don’t know about you, but both my boyfriend and I need total darkness at night to be able to sleep soundly. The first night we turned off the lights at bedtime, the entire room remained illuminated by shards of light seeping in on either side of both blinds – an absolute nightmare for Luis

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Sublime sounds.

One thing I’ve come to realise having lived alone for a couple of years is just how important a role music – and sound in general – plays in my life. I’m someone who has always appreciated the peace and harmony of silence but when you experience too much of it, silence can become isolating. I don’t think I’ve ever had my stereo on as much as I do now that I live on my own, and a huge reason for

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Rustic coasts.

Despite the fact the summer solstice has already been and gone, the season hasn’t really got going here in Manchester just yet. I’m longing for lazy afternoons in the sunshine, but instead I’m camped out indoors to avoid the sudden torrential downpours and contemplating putting the heating back on!    Luckily though, I have somewhere wonderful to retreat to. I wrote earlier in the year about my love for IKEA’s new limited edition TÄNKVÄRD collection, featuring materials such as rattan,

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Worth considering.

I’m always excited to see Swedish furniture retailer IKEA launch new collections that tap right into the heart of current living trends. I continue to be excited by the plethora of biophilic elements bringing nature into our homes, and with the forthcoming TÄNKVÄRD collection – featuring materials such as rattan, cotton, linen, jute, and seagrass – IKEA delve straight into the zeitgeist for a more sustainable, and nomadic, way of living. Much like the cult success of the STOCKHOLM 2017

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