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Sense of style is life long.

I remember an exhibition I visited at the Design Museum in London a few years ago, looking at ways in which designers could meet the challenge of a rapidly ageing society.  It wasn’t something I’d ever truly considered before, but with The Office for National Statistics projecting that by 2026, 1 in 5 in the UK will be aged 65 or over, it’s vital that we consider how the design industry can help people lead fuller, healthier and more rewarding

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Pure & simple.

As much as I’d love to have the opportunity to design my own kitchen from scratch, I do often wonder where on earth I’d start, given the sheer number of beautiful designs there are out there and configuration options to consider! It might seem odd to think of kitchen ‘trends’ when it comes to planning your space, but there’s been such a shift in the way in which we use our kitchens in modern times, that it’s worth exploring all

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The Fab Flat: Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen is the heart of the home, right? It’s taken me a little while though, to make the little kitchen corner in my open plan living space both look and function the way I would like, given that it’s the classic built-in L-shape configuration you would expect in a new-build rental home. Of course if this were my own space to do with as I please, I’d have ripped the units out and started from scratch, but given that’s

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The thrill of the find.

Have you ever visited a Homesense store before? Since moving up to Manchester I’ve become a little bit addicted to hunting down fabulous big brand homeware bargains to kit my new flat out with absolutely everything it could need, all at up to 60% off recommended retail prices!   If you’re not familiar with the store you’ll probably understand the concept when you learn that Homesense is part of the TK MAXX family – so just imagine the small homeware

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A new icon.

i’m trying to be mindful of each product i bring into my new home and ensure i’m being as ethical and sustainable as i possibly can. of course, i’m furnishing a new space on a bit of a budget, so can’t always opt for the most socially responsible or green options in every case, but i’m certainly trying to keep these values top of mind as i shop for pieces throughout my home. with this in mind, i was delighted

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Mayday, Mayday!

i’ve been spending more time in the kitchen recently, concocting delicious dishes to fuel my healthy eating kick, and naturally have started daydreaming about all those wonderful and techy gadgets that would make my culinary creations just that extra little bit better. i remember daydreaming with my bestie back in our uni days of having a kitchenaid mixer in our flat and i’ve never quite shaken that longing. now that she’s tv baking royalty, her whole kitchen is filled with

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