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Your kitchen, upside down.

One room in the fab flat that has never popped up on my blog is my kitchen, and for good reason. I mean, for a rental kitchen it’s pretty inoffensive and for the most part reasonably functional (apart from the teeny tiny sink, and the minuscule fridge with just a ice tray compartment for a freezer), but it’s certainly not remotely my style.   So, every once in a while (read: all the time), I daydream about what my fantasy

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Pure & simple.

As much as I’d love to have the opportunity to design my own kitchen from scratch, I do often wonder where on earth I’d start, given the sheer number of beautiful designs there are out there and configuration options to consider! It might seem odd to think of kitchen ‘trends’ when it comes to planning your space, but there’s been such a shift in the way in which we use our kitchens in modern times, that it’s worth exploring all

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