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Pockets of light.

Interior lighting is perhaps the most important home decor item you should be investing in right now (aside from festive decorations, natch). As shortening days limit your access to natural light, the proliferance of grey, low-hanging cloud can spread gloom throughout even the most naturally cheery of homes. I’ve talked before about the impact that light – or lack thereof – can have on our mood at this time of year. Indeed, interior lighting is a crucial element in creating

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Life made bright.

The short days and dark mornings of winter can make waking up a struggle for the best of us, and lead to the comforting notion of just curling up into a ball and hibernating through the season. In fact, it’s reported that nearly a quarter of the UK experience the ‘Winter Blues’, with 7%* suffering acutely from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D). S.A.D is caused by the lack of bright light in winter, since daybreak light is the signal for the

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