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Wu / 伍

london craft week is almost upon us, and while i’m sadly not able to make it down for any of wonderful events myself, i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share details about the fabulous creative project put together by one of my favourite west london stores for the event. native & co is a london based design studio founded by british-japanese chris yoshiro green and taiwan-born sharon jo-yun hung, whose beautiful concept store showcasing classic and contemporary home pieces from

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The fab guide to Shoreditch.

now that i no longer live in the city i’ve called home for over thirty years (yes, i really am that old!), it’s refreshing to be able to head back south for a few days and enjoy london as a little bit of an outsider. sure, i’ve only been gone a few weeks, and still know the city like the back of my hand, but 6 months down the line things will no doubt have changed radically enough that i’ll turn

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The lost art of the nose

earlier this year i attended a wonderful perfume-making workshop led by fragrance expert emmanuelle mogelin of experimental perfume club, so i was delighted to hear that she has now taken up residence in dalston junction and opened the doors of london’s first open-access perfumers lab. the new laboratory space will host regular perfumery workshops as well as bespoke one-to-one consultations and olfactory events, offering a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with an art form traditionally difficult to

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With love from oxo

like countless others, the thought of heading to oxford street to do battle with the hoards of christmas shoppers pounding the pavements fills me with absolute dread. the festive charm of an afternoon spent pleasurably browsing for the perfect gift for a loved one dies a instant death the moment you step out of the tube station to an angry mob mentality on the streets (or, to be honest, the moment you set foot on the central line…) happily though,

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Down on the canal

despite having lived in london my whole life, it wasn’t until this summer that i truly discovered the charming delights of regent’s canal; a nine mile waterway that winds its way quietly through the capital, from the river thames at limehouse  all the way to warwick avenue. my newfound awareness came courtesy of my friend calypso, founder of the brilliant indytute, who invited me to spend a night aboard her latest venture, a simply stunning houseboat moored at gainsborough wharf in haggerston, named osbert. life afloat the

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Back to the grind

you know me, i’m a sucker for a good coffee shop and even more so when there’s a slight twist in the tail! opened early last year, london grind is a riverside espresso bar by day, cocktail den by night, housed in a former bank at london bridge, above borough market. while the other grinds at old street and shoreditch have a real focus on coffee, this one is the first to offer a full all-day food menu, which makes sense given it’s

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