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Capturing modern Marrakech.

Although my trip to Marrakech earlier this year feels like a long time ago now, the magic of the city has certainly stayed with me.  This is in part through the wonderful selection of souvenirs we brought home with us, which have brought so much joy into our lives during this lockdown period. One of the most precious of these is the beautiful framed palm tree shadow print that I treated myself to at Marie Bastide’s small studio in Guéliz,

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Memories of Marrakech.

Marrakech has been on my list of places to visit for what feels like a lifetime. Long before my first trip to Morocco, where I visited Rabat and Casablanca in the North, and my second visiting Tangiers and Asilah, I knew one day I was destined to wander the winding dusty red-tinted alleys of the jewel of Morocco – and in early February, I finally did! It’s taken me much longer than I thought it would to compile this post.

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Exploring Asilah

as much as i loved tangier, it was the ancient walled town of asilah 40km south along the coast that truly captured my heart. a beautifully tranquil destination, straddling the cliffs of morocco’s north atlantic coast and enclosed by defensive walls built by the portuguese in the 15th century, the fortified fishing village is awash with the traditional mediterranean pairing of white and cobalt blue and flanked by wonderful stone ramparts that offer spectacular views across the ocean, with the waves crashing angrily below. the small

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A literary pilgrimage

last month i was invited to experience morocco’s most northerly city, 15 miles across the straits of gibraltar from spain, a place long been mythologised as a bohemian escape and a city of extremes; a surreal crossroads where northern africa meets europe, the mediterranean meets the atlantic, and hedonism and history collide. what had always fascinated me about tangier were – of course – the fantastical literary tales from the fifties and sixties, when the city was an international zone officially ruled

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In pursuit of relaxation

while in morocco last week, i stayed in three very different, but equally luxurious hotels – well, the tour was called ‘morocco in style’ after all! our first home-from-home in morocco was the mazagan beach resort, located on a remote section of the moroccan coastline south-west of casablanca, close to the fortified city of el jadida (named mazagan by its 16th-century portuguese rulers). the hotel’s grand riad is simply ginormous, with 468 arab-moorish style rooms and 17 suites all offering views

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A refuge from the world

having never visited morocco before, i was naturally incredibly excited to be touring the northern coast ‘in style’, but the city that left the biggest impression on me was surprisingly not the fabled casablanca of movie fame, but the coastal capital of rabat. smaller and calmer than casa, rabat is a quaint and romantic city with elegant tree-lined boulevards and a distinctly european feel. the first place we visited in the city was the stunning yaqub al-mansour esplanade, where the

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