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A little bit of a personal post today, as it’s the start of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, a cause which has become very close to my heart over the past year.   I’ve not been one to shy away from cervical screenings – aka smear tests – in the past but, what with the pandemic and all the lockdowns, my latest screening (in mid-March 2022) probably ended up being just over a year late. I didn’t think anything of it

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Snippets of the holidays.

Despite starting the new year in yet another national lockdown, I do hope you’ve been able to find some joy and merriment over the holiday season.    The start of this year feels like no other. None of the new year optimism and resolve I usually muster as the new calendar page is turned. So for now I thought I’d share a few snippets of our holidays here at home, in our little support bubble with Luis’ sister Ana.  

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Autumn antics.

We’ve gone into another ‘short, sharp’ lockdown here in the UK so it definitely feels like a good time for another photo dump from the past six weeks or so in our new place..   We’re so lucky to have snuck our house move in before restrictions tightened up again, as well as our 1-year anniversary dinner celebrated 6 months late (haha) at the Six by Nico in Liverpool. If you’ve not experienced one of their location-inspired ‘six course stories’

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We meet again!

I never meant to stay away so long. It’s difficult to know where to begin with 2020. It’s been the toughest year for so many and yet, in a way, one of the best for me personally, despite – or perhaps because of – all the restrictions that came in the wake of the pandemic. It’s certainly been unique, this ‘slowing down’ of time, and the space it has afforded to reassess and properly evaluate.   Alongside launching Fabric of

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Tales from summer.

Please excuse another photo dump post but it feels like the best way to share life lately and, to be honest, there’s really not a huge amount to say.   Things may feel like they might be getting better but it seems unrealistic to assume the worst is actually past. I do hope you’ve been able to find plenty of joy in the small things though, and have had the chance to make memories and have adventures to remember this

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A life in lockdown.

Hi guys, I hope you’re all keeping as safe and well as you possibly can.    It’s difficult to know what to say and what to share just now. We’re all caught in the same storm, but I know we’re all in very different boats.   This is ours.   p.s. you can find the Ikea meatballs recipe here, for you to recreate at home! 

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