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North is Now.

I’m delighted to finally share a project I’ve been working on for the past 6 months with you all!When Yvonne from TYRO (studios) first slid into my Instagram DM’s with a series of voice notes I was intrigued.. not least of all because I’m someone who hates receiving voice notes, haha. But I overcame my aversion and, as I listened to them one-by-one (because yes, there was a whole series!), I became more and more excited because what Yvonne was

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An artistic escape.

When it comes to choosing artwork for your walls, sometimes making a decision and actually committing to a particular piece can feel utterly overwhelming! For many years, in my previous rented flats, I’ve avoided making a commitment by invoking the ‘do not damage the walls’ clause in my contact, and opted to simply lean layered pieces of framed artwork against the wall instead. At first it felt like a ‘style statement’, but over time I realised it was simply a

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Spaces, stories & discoveries.

Welcome, welcome, to a new chapter. First off, let me assure you, Fabric of my Life is not going anywhere! I’m still going to be active in this little corner of cyberspace, posting all about my home, my life, my travels and all my favourite discoveries from far and wide.   But, since moving up North from London 3 years ago, my focus has moved more and more towards seeking out and championing small independent brands based in the North

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The power of big energy.

Self-care has taken on a whole new significance for me during these long lockdown weeks, as I pace within the four walls of my home. Taking quality time for myself has always been an integral part of my weekly routine, but being at home 24/7 just now has meant taking extra care to ensure I’m being kind and considerate to myself and, specifically, my skin. As someone who suffered terribly with bad acne ever since my teenage years, it’s only

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Care, for your attire.

As we begin to spend far more time in our homes than we ever have in recent times, finding joy in the mundane household tasks that have been piling up over the months can be a bit of a godsend. Which would make this the perfect time to introduce you to Attirecare.  This Manchester-based eco-friendly garment, shoe and home care collection brand have been on my radar for a while now, ever since I discovered their beautifully packaged products on

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Light up, responsibly.

One thing that instantly makes me feel at home in a new place is lighting one of my favourite candles and having a warm, familiar scent fill the air, transfusing the space with a sense of comfort and wellbeing.  Over the past few years I’ve become particularly obsessive in my pursuit of the best candle brands, and scents within their collections. It will probably come as no surprise, but not all candles are created equal. I’m always amazed by how

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