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Comfort, within reach

i was in norway last week with ekornes, scandinavia’s leading furniture manufacturer. haven’t heard of them? well i have to confess, i was only vaguely aware of them before i was invited on the trip but you don’t turn down the opportunity to fly (by private jet!) to such a beautiful country and be given an exclusive introduction to a brand, do you? set in near idyllic surroundings, most stressless recliners today are made in the village of sykkylven, where the ekornes

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Towering island peaks, above the icy deeps

| 01. lacoste | 02. american tourister | 03. samsung | 04. neutrogena | 05. muji | 06. bikini fling | 07. voss | i’m back from my merry little jaunt to norway with a stack of  photographs to edit and, surprisingly, a touch of sunburn to nurse! i could not have asked for better weather for my first-ever norwegian trip, despite the glaring sunshine and eternal daylight making sleep incredibly hard to come by; if you’re ever travelling to

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